I’ve thought a lot about success. I’ve read a lot about success. I’ve followed the messages of a lot of successful people and lightworkers. And I’ve come to one conclusion. Spiritual success is doing what you love without apology and without reward: in service of a higher purpose. Would you ____ if no one paid you and no one was going to pay you ever again? Can you honestly answer yes? An example is parenting! If writing and teaching from my heart means success to me than I am already successful. When I am chasing all the neon lights that get my attention I feel resistance because that stuff is not what makes my soul happy.  When I am trying to be something I am not, I feel diminished because I am dulling my sparkle. When I am playing small to suit the people around me, I feel like a player and I want to call game over. I intend to be successful now and every day. I am successful now and every day! And so are you! You have everything you’ve been asking for, expecting and doing daily. What you ask for, expect and do make up how you are being in the world and how you are being in each moment is the sum of who you are. So if you don’t like who you were five minutes ago you can acknowledge that (called learning) and decide who to be right now. What would the you you want to be say, how would they react, how would they act?

The secret is acknowledging the Truth and reality of who you are really being in each moment. Be the fly-on-the-wall observer watching what you eat, what you spend your time doing, how you spend your time being in each moment. Are you at peace? Are you present and enjoying what you are doing, accepting and embracing what is? If you say you want to be healthy, act like a healthy person. If you say you want to be successful, act like a successful person. If you say you want to be calm, act like a peaceful person. What does a healthy person do? Eats healthy to nourish their body and moves their body regularly. What does a successful person do? Act towards their vision and goals. What does a calm person do? Meditate. Success is playing the role you play publically when no one is watching.

Why does a successful lightworker meditate? Because the pre-meditating mind is like a person playing tennis and balls are flying at them, they don’t have a racket and they are continually getting hit. Not only are they getting hit they are holding on to the pain and renumerating on it, reliving it again and again. I am a bad person, I am a bad person. He did this to me, he did this to me. The new meditator learns to see the balls coming, practices catching them and letting them go, letting them pass by without reaction and when they find themselves holding on to the ball, they say ‘whoops I was holding on to that one’, and they let it go. It is training the mind to let the thoughts and actions of others that cause suffering go. The master meditator never gets hit by the ball and can choose which balls he would like to play with. He has a protective field around him and it doesn’t matter what happens, he can release thoughts that do not serve his highest good go and no one can cause a reactionary thought in him that he doesn’t want. He is even able to cultivate a compassionate thought when someone ditches a ball at him in hate.

Now that is powerful. So do you meditate?

I don’t know about you, but I want to live out my days being who I am without apologies and releasing the message I am inspired to release. It is like breathing to me and for so long I tried to hold my breath or breathe a certain way to suit the people around me. Now I have given myself permission to breathe and I am not holding back for anyone. So doing what you love is like breathing (you do it daily and you do it without thinking) without apology. What does ‘without apology’ mean? Giving up worry what other people think and are going to say about you. Self-actualisation is not caring what other people think of you, good or bad. When you start getting out there, living your dreams, speaking your Truth, being authentic with people, people will have an opinion – good and bad. Trolls will disagree with your Truth and will try to bring you down. People will walk away from you because they don’t align with your vision. Learn to feel compassion and loving-kindness for them. They are like the smoking friend who when you quit, they take it personally and offer you a smoke, tempting you because they believe it is hard to quit and they want to prove it to you, they take your quitting as a personal attack ‘smoking is bad, therefor so are you’. They need you to believe what they believe to make them feel more comfortable about their own beliefs. Believe what you want to believe and allow others to do the same, without refuting or attacking them… The world would be a more peaceful place if we could all do that!

So in summary success is doing what you love without apology and doing it without reward; like breathing it just feels right. I worked with a client the other day and I came away feeling like ‘if I had been paid nothing for that, I would have done it anyway’. It made me think of one of my favourite quotes ‘do what you love and never work another day in your life’. To see her healing and transformation using a few transpersonal methods and a bit of encouragement, was truly rewarding on a soul level. My wish for you is that you are brave enough in this lifetime to make the changes you need to make to align with your soul’s goal. Life is short and then you die. The number one regret on people’s deathbed is wishing they had lived their life for them and not for others. I would love to help you do this, send me a private message or book in for a free breakthrough session. Let’s get you living a life you love!