Are you ready to honour the Light within?

Transpersonal Inner-Divinity Coaching is for people:

  • Who want to get to know thyself, both shadow and light, at a deep soul level.
  • Who have woken up to the absurdity of the world and want to live a more soul aligned path.
  • Who have felt the pull to stop hiding and start living more authentically.
  • Who have had/are having a dark night of the soul or spiritual crisis.
  • Who are having a spiritual emergence but fear the emerging part.
  • Who want to connect with the wisdom within.
  • Who want to live a life of service, shine bright and impact.
  • Awakening or awakened Lightworkers interested in ascension.

I love nothing more than helping my clients get out of their head and into their soul, to receive guidance through the symbolic language of spirit.

Work with Me

11:11 Membership

$11.11 / month

Get exclusive access to:

  • Private Facebook group the Spiritual Lightworker Tribe packed with resources to help you Shine and Impact
  • Access to new and existing lessons, teachings, meditations and videos.
  • Monthly Tribe Gathering via Zoom to connect with like-minded soulfriends/soulprenuers.
  • 50% off Inner-Divinity Coaching Sessions and Packages
  • The Law of Giving – tithings and supporting a fellow Lightworker on her divinely-guided dharmic path will bring you good juju!
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Inner-Divinity Coaching Session

$222 for 1 x 1 hour session
or $111* for 11:11 Members

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Inner-Divinity Coaching Package

$555 for 3 x 1 hour session
or $277* for 11:11 Members

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Terms and Conditions: *50% off the full coaching rate as advertised or as advised to members. 14 days notification will be given to members for any upcoming coaching rate increases.