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What is success to a spiritual lightworker? An aligned with soul description of how to be successful.

I’ve thought a lot about success. I’ve read a lot about success. I’ve followed the messages of a lot of successful people and lightworkers. And I’ve come to one conclusion. Spiritual success is doing what you love without apology and without reward: in service of a higher purpose. Would you ____ if no one paid [...]

By |2017-05-09T10:48:59+09:30May 9th, 2017|Making Money|1 Comment

The Law of Reciprocity

Sometimes we live in such a state of lack that we hold onto things with a firm grip. Sometimes we believe there is not enough so we grab everything we can. I received a picture of money just now falling from the sky, and saw people fighting over the money. The people who fight over [...]

By |2016-11-18T22:54:20+09:30November 17th, 2016|Making Money|0 Comments

Why You Should Take Action in the Law of Attraction

When I started my first business, I stopped buying lottery tickets. I realized I had to stop wishing for a better future and I had to get out there and create it, with action and effort and reflection and implementing lessons I learnt along the way. If ‘Law of Attraction’ is about focusing on what [...]

By |2016-12-05T20:46:33+09:30November 15th, 2016|Making Money|0 Comments
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