I am feeling pretty fired-up (in my protect-thy-ego-mode) at the moment. I should either go meditate or write a passionate post to get to the bottom of these feelings I am having… I choose the latter.

I am thinking about a family member’s comparative remarks yesterday.

She was asking my (nearly two-year-old) daughter to label all the parts of her body, and then made a comparative comment about another (similar-aged) toddler in our family, who could “name every body part, even her back”.

Now my daughter can point to her ears, eyes, nose, mouth etc. but I unashamedly admit I do not spend all my spare time teaching my daughter such things – and that what she has picked up, she has picked up mostly from daycare, and from the wiggles.

My son is in a similar boat (he receives inspired rather than structured teaching); and he is very clever for a four year old. He can order number cards from one to ten and count-down the days until important events (important to him). I am not bragging I am simply showing you how much children naturally learn and pick-up in our society, with or without parental intervention. And that what they are taught constitutes societal/parental beliefs about what is important.

I prefer to teach my children about the living-trees that give us air and about how bees make honey and pollinate many of the plants and trees that give us the food we eat.

Now this family member’s comparative observation seems innocent but I think it triggered me because I feel like I am being judged in comparison to a very different and old-school feminine role that certain people in my family are wanting me to play… people who do not understand me at all because they did not come from the same fruit tree. As Wayne Dyer might say, ‘they could be trying to squeeze orange juice from an apple!’

These two masks I wear, child-teacher and mother, I am sorry to say are not the most important roles in my life. They are high priorities don’t get me wrong, but doing what my soul came here to do is THE HIGHEST PRIORITY for me. Most people understand the concept ‘fit your own life jacket, before fitting your children’s’ but most people have MAJOR RESISTANCE to the concept of women looking after themselves before prioritising the needs of others: Many women have been acculturated into putting other people’s needs first and anything otherwise is viewed from that perspective as selfish or neglectful.

Goddesses I ask you – if your own spirit cup is empty, what essence is your family going to drink?

If you do not consciously choose your beliefs and the way you want to live your life, the choice will be made unconsciously for you, by the beliefs of others (who coincidentally have probably not chosen their own beliefs)! This family member’s beliefs were a subtle suggestion about the way I should live my life. They are not wrong BUT THESE BELIEFS DO NOT ALIGN WITH MY OWN or fit my beliefs about the way I want to live my life. The way I am being GUIDED to live my life.

I am heeding my calling, living-fully into the person I was born to be and being guided and supported by the Universe every step of the way – Not everyone will understand the lived-world and priorities of someone walking their dharmic path. Apples and oranges.

I have shifted out of the ‘sleeping’ paradigm. Like sleeping beauty (except I was kissed by spirit not a prince), I have awoken to the way the world works and the role I am expected (but not determined) to play in it. I have awoken to myself as a divine and infinite being. I am conscious to the fact that we are all divine and we are all teachers (to all of the children). Every moment we are creating a legacy and a world that all future generations will live in. And let us not mince around words.. we are destroying this planet with mindless consumption and avoidance of this fact.

I have a very different role to play in this lifetime, the role of a Lightworker or Earth Guide.

Yes I am a mother and a teacher but these are far from the only masks that I wear… And not only do I get to CHOOSE the masks I wear, I get to choose what I teach to my children – by who I choose to be, become and what I choose to value (and it might not be what you want to teach them, or value).

I am a dharmic and inner-divinity coach. I help my clients get clear on their life purpose through tuning in to their inner guidance and into the world of symbols and spirit. I help them learn techniques to prioritise symbolic communication and the wisdom of the unconscious: to enter into a world of unlimited possibilities and tune into the life their soul came here to live.

To do this, I work transpersonally – this literally means moving ‘beyond the masks’ we wear. The first step is becoming CONSCIOUS of the masks we wear and why we wear them, before we can consciously choose the roles we want to play.

Here are some symbols and inner wisdom given to me the other day (by my spirit guides) when I did a process that I do with my clients: I journeyed to sacred indigenous burial grounds (that are not being respected by the present-day owners), I saw a bee hive and I shot out into the universe and lit up the night with stars. The messages I received through these specific places/symbols that came to me are simple: like a bee I have important work to do; protecting Mother Earth from those who do not respect her value; bringing light to the shadows and hope to light the way.

So if you are an apple. Be the best darn apple you can be.

And remember –
You are the divine being that makes the grass greener.