I never thought I would be saying this. But there is a downside to personal development and I learnt the smart way.

Working with my coach I was clarifying my goals, what I want to achieve and how I spend my time.  My big ‘ah ha’ revelation was that I need to prioritise creating and that I was using personal development as another distraction (like television or Facebook) from living fully into my goals.

Sometimes on your own, you cannot see what becomes so plain to see in a quick coaching conversation with someone skilled in the art of deep questioning and facilitating self-awareness and change.

I could not dispute that I had spent the whole day consuming other peoples ideas when my goal was to work on my book and my programs. A major habit of mine was exposed from the unconscious, seeping into my conscious awareness and I was grateful to be shown this success hindering habit of mine. Being coached is all about gaining greater self-awareness and I was able to understand a major reason why I was not getting shit done and make an agreement with myself and my coach to change my habits and replace them with goal-driven ones – all within a sixty minute conversation.


Most of change is greater self-awareness of mostly unconscious habits and beliefs that can be hard to figure out on your own (they are unconscious for a reason).

It helps to confess our thoughts aloud to finally hear what we have been saying/doing/thinking/believing in order to change it. I am now conscious of this habit of mine (consumption as a distraction) and I can make the conscious choice to limit my time consuming ideas and lengthen my time producing ideas. Thanks to my coach who helped me see and come up with my own solutions to my problem, I was able  to make small goals that will make a massive difference and help me reach my bigger goals faster.

Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a time and place for personal development, reading and learning from other Lightworkers, especially at the beginning of your awakening, your higher hero’s journey. You definitely want to get a map for where you are headed by reading the works of the Greats. Next you want to look at the habits of successful Lightworkers and study them. What I found out is that most of them create (get their message out there), most of them meditate and many of them study and contemplate great works. For example Wayne Dyer studied the Tao Te Ching and Bob Proctor studied Napoleon Hill. What I was doing differently ,which I am sure the Greats do not, is have personal development binge days on repeat, where I just consume and consume other peoples ideas. On a rest day, I will definitely allow for binging on personal development but awareness has definitely facilitated the ability to lessen this habit and its effect on my life.

I am a creator so I need to create. You are a creator so you need to create! There is a story within you and someone is waiting to hear it… and I would love to encourage, inspire and empower you to tell it!


If you want to make the most of this life then you need to have a balance of your own divinely inspired ideas, and the ideas of others. This is the yin and the yang of co-creation.   

You need to give up the safety of being the student and become the teacher you were born to be. Don’t get me wrong, being a student is awesome but just make sure you are not hiding behind someone, lurking in their golden shadow, basking in their excellence to the detriment of your own greatness. The unconscious fear behind this habit is a fear of shinning bright. Is it time to step up and do the work your soul came here to do? If you answered yes then message me! I would love to offer you a free powerful coaching conversation to help you start moving from A to B and uncover the reasons why you have not got there on your own, so that you can consciously change your beliefs, thoughts, habits and ultimately your life.

Live life by design, not default.

Love and Rainbows, Karen Leverenz

Helping Lightworkers Shine and Impact.