The spider and the fly: an analogy for spiritual life and business. 

I had a house guest, which I’m not thrilled about, but I allowed her to stay because she helped me to catch the summer flies that made their way into my house. 

She was my vibe raiser, keeping the annoying flies, the spreaders of dirt, literally and metaphorically, at bay. 

She is the Creatrix archetype, and an artist. She literally creates and weaves a web of fate to provide herself with the food she needs. Her creativity is her survival tool. 

She is a master Creatrix, and she is good at what she does. Every day I’d notice a new fly in her web. She was doing The Great Work and the Universe would provide her with what she needed.  

She understood the Law of Trust, do the work, sow the seeds, and her needs would be met. 

It must have seemed an impossible task… had she thought about it rationally, logically… inside surely would not be the best place to create her web! But intuitively she knew. She Trusted. She gave her time and her soul to her work and she had faith that she would receive in return. Her needs would be met.  

For a while I noticed that she was not enjoying the fruits of her labor, and I wondered if she had died. 

Then, one morning, when I was writing again, I noticed a new spider in her web. 

I asked what she was there to teach me. And she answered. 

“Do the work your soul came here to do and your needs will be met – is an act of faith! Once created, your creation will be a gift for others to use in your wake.” 

For a while the black spider’s home was an abandoned web, but then one day, a new tenant was found. The first spider’s legacy, and the usefulness of what she had built, was not lost. 

What does black spider come to teach us?  


Create with Faith and Trust that Universe will provide.  

Whatever you create is the legacy you leave behind in the world. Newly awakened souls will be grateful for the gifts and the teachings that you leave behind.  

Black spider energy teaches us that the things we fear most (like black spiders!) are given to help us – and that by facing our fears we rise, no longer annoyed by the things that don’t matter, or fearful of the things that can help us grow so much.  

Black spider energy doesn’t come to hurt us, she comes to teach us, she comes to remind us to weave our web of fate, and to allow what is gifted to come.  

Black Spider teaches us to give with all our heart: and to receive with humility and gratitude.  

Beautiful black spider energy wants you to remember to weave the web you came here to weave, and Trust that you will be provided for. 


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And don’t forget – 

You are the divine being who makes the grass greener. 


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