The Universe gives you everything you need to support you on your dharmic path.

For this, I am SO grateful!

For me, 2017 has been a year of growth, courage and a year of bringing light to my shadows, so that I can fully and completely shine and impact. It has been a year symbolised by my animal guide, the whale, blowing it’s blow hole: what I mean is… the whale holds knowledge, until, in perfect timing, it releases it back to the world. I was given a clear sign that 2017 would be the year I let my knowledge out… I am being guided and I am being supported by the Universe to write my book and create my teachings.

Last year I set the intention to get qualified in counselling, coaching and healing so that I would ‘do no harm’ and be able to use best practices working with my clients. When I awakened and started out on this journey all I wanted was for people to be happy (and respect Mother Earth).  I learned the key to helping people be happy is connecting them with the divine-in-them. When one has a powerful (often unbelievable) experience during a transpersonal coaching session, so much meaning is brought into their life as they encounter who they really are – divine and One with all that is.

Originally, I called my transpersonal (means beyond the ego, thus soul) coaching Dharmic Coaching because I wanted to help people get on their dharmic path, follow their souls calling and live the life their soul came here to live.

I changed the name of my coaching to Inner-Divinity Coaching because when a person gets in touch with their inner-divinity and starts being guided by their soul (rather than their mind or body), it is impossible not to follow the dharmic path.

I digress. I want to tell the story of how the Universe has given me everything I need since making the decision to step onto my dharmic path. Existential thinker Kierkegaard likens this decision to follow your calling no matter what, sacrificing everything (even if necessary your family), as the ultimate devotion to God, and in doing so, in deciding to sacrifice, to do whatever it takes, you will ultimately sacrifice nothing, everything will work out perfectly and be taken care of, for both you and your family, when you say YES to the call.

This is both my Truth and my experience. It is one of the 4 Pillars I discuss in my soon-to-be released book. When you step onto your Dharmic path, when you heed to call, and decide to travel the higher hero’s journey, the Universe will support you. Yes, you need to make the switch out of lack and into Trust! Lack is statements such as what if…? I can’t…? What about…? Trust is statements such as I will find a way… It will all work out… I surrender… The Universe completely and fully supports me as I step out onto my dharmic path.

How has the Universe supported me since I jumped into the abyss of my soul, trusting I would travel like a dandelion landing wherever I needed to land? The Universe has given me clear signs. Uncanny coincidences. Gifts of the right courses at the right time. The right people at the right time (and sometimes the wrong ones to teach me to Trust my intuition). It has given me meaningful dreams and meaningful visions during meditations and transpersonal processes. All pointing the way on the path of my soul (my dharmic path).

Some of the things I have been given to help me gain the knowledge I needed so that I can release it back to the world are: Free rent for the last year. Free business coaching. Free ticket to the Hay House Writers Workshop. Free 13 weeks of childcare leading up to the release of my teachings and the submission of my book proposal to Hay House. Separation from my husband who was not fully supporting me on the path. Because these divine gifts were given, it meant that I had the resources to pay for all the books, mentors and courses I needed to complete my knowledge-gathering-process, to write my book and release my knowledge and teachings back to the world.

Some would call this manifesting, but it is more than that, it is divine intervention on the soul’s path for doing God’s work and being a beacon of light to help others find their way in this crazy world that is so separated from who we really are.

Some of the signs I have been given during transpersonal processes – some of the more profound and impactful ones anyway (I would be here all day if I listed every sign the Universe gives me) are: The whale showing me that 2017 would be the year I would release all the information I had gathered back to the world; The First Nations Canadian giving me a bear claw necklace when I wanted to know how I could get my ego out of the way and just serve (stay in flow, love and presence for my clients); The message that I have a mission to protect Mother Earth the sacred land through a vision of sacred Aboriginal burial grounds that were not being respected by the white owners; Bees showing me that I have an important role to play in the world (just as bees have an important role to play in the world). These are just a few divinely guided messages I have received from my collective unconscious, my higher self, my spirit guides, my angels, ancestors, God or whoever it is, guiding me in the light.

You can download one of the processes I use to receive daily messages from my spirit guides, the Light Manifesting Ritual here.

I am not special; all my clients receive inner-wisdom when I facilitate transpersonal processes for them. I love nothing more than helping my clients get out of their head and into their soul, to receive guidance through the symbolic language of spirit. When one receives guidance and gifts from their higher self, it is profound and connects them to their inner-divinity and to all that is, in a powerful way.

Experiencing is believing in one’s power and potential. This is one reason that the ‘powers that be’ do not want people experiencing their inner-divinity (preferring them to believe it resides outside of them – in ‘others’, the ‘special chosen few/one’). Therefore, sacred women’s and indigenous/shamanic knowledge has been denied/heralded as ‘backwards’ in favor of a more patriarchal Truth that denies the divine feminine archetype/anima in us all.

I can help you to receive messages from your soul!

Transpersonal Inner-Divinity Coaching is for people…

-Who want to get to know thyself, both light and shadow, on a deep level.

-Who have woken up to the absurdity of the world and want to live a more soul aligned path.

-Who have felt the pull to stop hiding and start living more authentically.

-Who have had/are having a dark night of the soul and are wanting to enter the light day of the soul.

-Who want to connect with the wisdom within.

Are you feeling the call?

I would love to hear how the Universe is guiding you on your dharmic path, like my Facebook page and send me a message!

Remember – You are the divine being that makes the grass greener xx