I genuinely believe that everything happens for a reason. To the point that I feel that certain animals, numbers and even people come into my life/awareness as destiny or a lesson/reminder. For example, triple or quadruple repeat numbers often give me the gentle reminder and sometimes a pick-me-up that I am being divinely guided, that I am on my dharmic path, to keep the faith and keep walking forwards. Often, I will see repeat numbers when I am questioning myself, then boom I see 11:11, it makes me smile and I say (internally of course) thank you Universe, I needed that. Or the magpie connotes (means) success to me, so I always smile when I see or hear a magpie at pivotal moments like when I am on my way to something important or thinking of launching a new idea.

I used to worry as a child that only pretty girls get the guys, as is the theme in most Hollywood movies (and no I didn’t believe that I was one of them, even though I’m sure that many thought I was pretty – I just didn’t see it, such is the culture we grow up in – brainwashed to believe everyone else is better, but that is a topic for another blog post).

I wish someone had told me about soulmates when I was young. I stayed with guys I didn’t want to be with because I was insecure and I didn’t Trust or believe that I would ever luck out with another relationship (called the imposter syndrome). I was separated from the belief that I later came to know as my Truth that everything happens for a reason, that everything happens for me not to me, and that the perfect relationship would come into my life at the perfect time, IF I released the one that was not serving me. When I was older I looked back on this and I could identify the relationships that were divinely given to me, they were exactly what I needed at that point in my life for growth.

One look at each other on the dance floor and it was written by the soul, I was recognizing a soulmate lover, two magnets connected.


Then every person I ever knew in primary school and high school got married… thank you Facebook… the cultural myth of ‘only pretty girls get the guys’ was exposed! What a revelation: Everybody has soulmate relationships, even the people you never thought would find love!

The people who come into your life are meant to be there.


So, if this holds true then I believe that all the clients who I work with are meant to be my clients. I am destined to mentor them – just as I have chosen mentors I resonate with (their message and vibe). Even the mentors who didn’t work out, who I unfollowed, moved-on, have all been in my life for a reason at the perfect time, to teach me something. Sometimes I have to stop myself from reverting to my childlike thought process that only certain types of people ‘get the clients’ as is my social conditioning.

When I tune in to my Truth, I know that everything is exactly in alignment for my highest good.


See I grew up lower-class (a nice word for poor), in a single-parent home, living from paycheck to paycheck. Nothing about my upbringing led me to believe I was important, or even worthy of anything beyond what I had experienced thus far. The more I took on Western cultural beliefs such as ‘you have to go to private school to be successful’, ‘it is who you know not what you know’ and felt positioned as ‘the black sheep’ in my family, the more I experienced what Seligman calls ‘learned helplessness’, or the belief that there was nothing I could do, no matter how much I tried, to become anything more than my norm. And it is well known ‘that you become the sum of the people you surround yourself with’. What we often don’t realise is that we can choose who we surround ourselves with, especially in the digital age; there are online tribes and books-a-plenty, where we can hang out with inspirational and enlightened beings who are taking responsibility for their lives (despite and perhaps because of their ‘story’) and choosing to create the future/world that they want to live in.

So, like a dating page I am going to put a call out to my soulmate clients, my tribe, my fellow lightworkers, to tell you who I am and what I am about, in case you are divinely guided to work with me, or simply resonate with me and my message. Maybe you’d like to follow my courageous mission to transform the world through empowering one person at a time – helping people believe in and unleash their inner-divinity, dharma and ultimately impact the world for the better.

I am a born teacher, apart from the fact that I actually am (I have a teaching degree), I believe we are all teachers, on our way to becoming respected (or disrespected – your choice) elders in the tribe. An elders’ role in the tribe is to help initiate the next gens into the cultural stories and way of being as a tribe-member. I have decided to call in a new tribe and a new way of being in the world, the Spiritual Lightworkers Tribe, a group of spiritual entrepreneurs, lightworkers, leaders and visionaries, who are being called to rise-up and shine bright, speak their authentic Truth, to inspire others who are disenchanted with the world, to have an impact and transform the crazy, even alien, paradigm that we live in to something that is much more aligned with who we really are.

I am a certified holistic life coach and mind-body practitioner. This means that I work with the ‘whole’ person (in their entirety): mind, body, emotions and soul. I believe (as proven by science) that the mind and body (called the mindbody) is not separate and that we cannot treat one without considering the other. I am a transpersonal practitioner which is the science of the spiritual (which has been suppressed/has not taken off in mainstream psychology). Trans simply means ‘beyond’ and personal means ‘persona’ or ‘mask’, so transpersonal is considering the question, what is beyond the social mask that we wear, what is beyond the ego? Transpersonal is the science of consciousness, uses changing states of consciousness to access different resources (for example hypnotherapy to access past lives or dreams to access inner wisdom/healing), investigates phenomenon such as near-death experiences, remembered past lives, psychic phenomenon and reframes mental dis-orders as perhaps spiritual crisis or emergencies, among other things, including using a shamanistic model of healing.

I truly believe that when we awaken to the social conditioning and worldview that we are saturated in, we will awaken to our power and potential as human beings – to be able to be more and do more for this planet. When we awaken, we need to rid ourselves of the limiting beliefs and untrue stories that have held us prisoner. As a coach, my mission is to help you uncover and reveal the stories you have been identifying as real (for example ‘I am not good enough’, ‘who am I to think I am divine’ or even, ‘I am my anxiety’ – honey, you are not your anxiety, at times you may have anxiety, but it is NOT who you are). I will help you write a new, empowering story, where you get to travel on the higher hero’s journey. I will help you step into the lead role of your life, instead of playing an extra, and create the life you were born to live, with divine guidance as your master. I will help you step into your authentic Truth, no more hiding who you are and what you believe because it doesn’t align with the mainstream cultural beliefs. I will help you understand yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience through changing states of consciousness. See I believe we are all connected and divine beings, and when you see and experience this for yourself, and give yourself permission to shine, it empowers others to ‘come out’ as they truly are.

Ugly duckling be gone, it is time to fly with the swans!


For the remaining month of July I am offering half-price coaching packages… so if you feel like you are tired of pretending to be something you are not, tired of pretending to care about things you don’t care about, tired of feeling helpless and useless and you want to start tuning into the life you are meant to live, the being you were born to be, the person you are destined to become if you CHOOSE TO BELIEVE, then send me a PM, I would love to chat with you about what is holding you back, what keeps you imprisoned in such an amazing, expansive Universe… then maybe you are my soulmate client? Maybe you were meant to read this? Maybe you are not meant to give up hope of a better future? Maybe you are meant to follow me? Maybe you see the gold within me that also resides in you (and you know this to be true because I am simply a mirror of you)?

Disclaimer: this is only my Truth, I encourage you to tune into your own.

Remember –

You are the divine being that makes the grass greener.