My Story:

Once upon a time there was a fairy born in an abandoned castle that overlooked the kingdom of princesses. Every day she watched the princesses come and go, admiring their crowns and gowns and dreaming of one day going to princess school.

She had big dreams of having a positive impact on others through writing but she didn’t want to write for anyone but her inspired self. She had big dreams of having a positive impact on others through teaching but only wanted to teach what she was inspired to teach.

She followed a system at princess school that led her to a career that would not make her happy – because she had settled for a life someone else had written for her.

She was relieved one day to awaken from what was literally a 33-year-long dream – resurrected as the dreaming spiritual entrepreneur she had once been before she learned limits.

She started to dream big and she started to reconnect with her inner guidance and began to remember the things she had come here to do.

She was born a fairy for a reason. She was born to be a teacher to fairies. She was born to start a fairy school and her calling was to help as many fairies as possible learn to love who and what they are, and share their unique and important fairy dust with the world.

She realised she had spent her whole life dreaming of being a princess when she was born a powerful and magical fairy with the ability to fly for a reason. She was born to teach other fairies to be proud of their wings and not to envy or be hypnotised by the golden crowns and pretty dresses.

She was born to fly and she was born to teach others that they could fly too. She was born to sprinkle fairy dust over the world to help others wake up and do the work they are here to do – find their SoulPrint, live a life of purpose and Dharma.

This is a time when many lightworkers are awakening and emerging.

The call to step out loud and proud as an authentic and spiritual being, having a human experience, is being heard. Interconnectedness or ‘Oneness’ is calling and the signs 111 and 11:11 are being seen by those who have a soul contract to bring in the new paradigm. It is a time where we are being called to step out and share our spiritual (but not religious) beliefs of Oneness with the world. It is a time not to be driven underground (as spiritual/occult beliefs have always been). Lightworkers are being called to fly, be seen, to light up the sky with our spark – like the stars in the night sky.

In their book Spiritual Intelligence, Danar Zohar and Ian Marshall have come up with the trifecta of human intelligence: IQ, EQ (Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence) and SQ (Spiritual Intelligence). Can you reason? Can you empathise? Can you receive guidance by going within? Spiritual intelligence is the intelligence of meaning and value: it is about the human need to solve questions such as why am I here and what is the meaning of life? Spiritual intelligence is not about being religious it is about accessing our soul’s intelligence and making meaning through accessing the full spectrum of consciousness and realizing our full human and divine potential: self-actualization, self-transcendence and the transpersonal.

“SQ has no necessary connection to religion. For some people, SQ may find a mode of expression through formal religion, but being religious doesn’t guarantee high SQ. Many humanists and atheists have high SQ; many actively and vociferously religious people have very low SQ. Some studies done by the psychologist Gordon Allport fifty years ago showed that more people have religious experiences outside the confines of mainstream religious institutions than within them. Conventional religion is an externally imposed set of rules and beliefs. It is top-down, inherited from priests and prophets and holy books, or absorbed through the family and tradition. SQ, as described in this book, is an internal, innate ability of the human brain and psyche, drawing its deepest resources from the heart of the universe itself. It is a faculty developed over millions of years that allows the brain to find and use meaning in the solution of problems. The rapid changes in the Western world in the past three centuries have left conventional religions struggling to be meaningful. We now have to use our innate SQ to forge new paths, to find some fresh expression of meaning, something that touches us and that can guide us from within. Spiritual intelligence is the soul’s intelligence. It is the intelligence in which we heal ourselves and with which we make ourselves whole. So many of us today live lives of wounded fragmentation… SQ is not culture-dependent or value-dependent. It does not follow from existing values but rather creates the very possibility of having values in the first place” – Danar Zohar and Ian Marshall.

“Consciousness has no culture” – David Crafti

It is helpful to understand the terms spiritual crisis, awakening and emergence. A spiritual awakening is like the flower getting ready to blossom or the caterpillar entering the cocoon. Spiritual emergence is the butterfly emerging from the cocoon. A spiritual crisis is the feeling of being stuck or crushed inside this dark cocoon, mourning the loss-of-self as a caterpillar, in this new, sometimes scary/lonely and unfamiliar world. When you are going through a spiritual crisis or ‘breakdown’ you need the time and space to ‘exit the world’ (enter the cocoon) and go through the healing and inner-divinity process necessary to emerge anew as the magnificent butterfly that you are. The mourning is the loss-of-self as personal (in terms of Ken Wilber’s spiritual stages of development – pre-personal, personal and transpersonal) and the realisation/integration of the self as a transpersonal being – this is what is happening during a spiritual awakening. What emerges is the flower in bloom (in the fullness of all its beauty) or the taking-flight of the butterfly, inspiring many with its magnificent transformation.

Speaking in terms of the ‘about me’ story above – I could have gone into a spiritual crisis when I lost my identity as ‘the princess’ and entered into a ‘dark night of the soul’ as a result of realising the craziness of the world – I could have perceived myself trapped in a dark and scary cocoon (where many in a mental health crisis find themselves). Instead I had a spiritual awakening, went within the cocoon and spent time learning from as many butterflies (lightworkers) as I could about how to be the best possible butterfly I could be. I came to the realisation of myself as a powerful, divine, eternal and spiritual being.

Spiritual emergence is COMING OUT SPIRITUALLY. It is saying I am proud to be a butterfly/fairy and I will never be a caterpillar/princess again.

The figurehead of angels and lightworkers Doreen Virtue has evoked passionate responses due to her shift back to ‘a lady of Christ and scripture’. Many of us who have grown up as fairies in a world of princesses, many of us who like fruit salad (not just strawberries) are in our cocoons right now wanting to break free and break out as the butterflies we truly are, but this shift back to religion by this prominent lightworker is causing us to hide within. I understand Doreen is focusing on the teachings of Jesus (and they are Grand), because he is an amazing lightworker and messenger of God, but so are you Doreen! Your works and oracle cards connect us to the divinity in us all and have inspired millions. We will not change our beliefs because you have. We are butterflies and fairies.  We have awakened to our full human potential. What I feel you are asking us to do is go back to being followers of one messenger. Deny the messenger in us all. Deny the guidance we receive to follow our own dharmic path and complete our own soul contract. The words and messages of God flow through us all if we connect, get in flow, be the love and light and share what comes out of our soul from a place of love.

There are many great teachers who have shared their light, Truth, SoulPrint and essence with the world. Ascended Masters is a Truth for many and it also inherently implies that we can all ascend in this lifetime. No doubt Wayne Dyer has ascended: the Great’s live and share their teachings, and the teachings of others without preaching hierarchal beliefs.

Finally, after thousands of years of suppression, people who are homosexual are coming out.

Finally, after thousands of years of suppression, people who are spiritual but not religious are coming out.

We will not be driven underground again. We will not be told that fairies are insuperior to the dominant teachings of one teacher who has had the stage for centuries. Jesus is not the only lightworker! There are many great religions and great teachers at the front of the classroom. We have closed our eyes to some beautiful teachers because we have spent all of school in one classroom. When the whole school opens and we are able to see and learn from many great teachers, these teachings will inspire many more great teachings to be born. Enlightenment ensues. People self-actualize. One classroom is never going to fit us all in, no matter how great it is.

We live in a time where people should not have to hide who they are, and what they believe.

Once the transformation process has begun the butterfly cannot be a caterpillar ever again (even if it wanted to be, to please the other caterpillars). The butterfly will fly amongst the butterflies where it is meant to be: it will not walk amongst the dirt or hide its wings!

Many are hiding who they truely are, hiding in the safety of their cocoon wishing they were just a duck or a caterpillar, not accepting the swan or the beautiful butterfly that is emerging.

I am. I am coming out. I am spiritual but not religious. I will not stand by and be bullied into the shadows by the powers of religion again.

My wish is for butterflies and fairies around the world to have the courage to:

BE YOUR DIVINE SELF. BE AUTHENTICALLY AND UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU. Coming out spiritually is coming out as the butterfly or the fairy that you are. It is about ONENESS. It is not about religion or any one person’s spiritual teachings.  It is about awareness of the transpersonal, the I AM, the beingness that is eternal, that transcends humanness and time/space. It is the awakening of the shaman in us all, who is able to heal and rid the world of hierarchy through experiencing ONENESS.

If this resonates with you then please share – this might be the message of light someone needs to emerge from their fearful slumber. Join the spiritual lightworkers of the world Facebook group and fly among fellow lightworkers who are proud to be butterflies/fairies: proud to be spiritual but not religious.

 And remember

You are the divine being that makes the grass greener.