Lightworker. Entrepreneur. Writer. Coach. Mum. Wife.  My multi-passionate life with multi-passion-roles!

I am a spiritual being with many roles and masks.

There are many archetypes we live by but in general we are all familiar with the ones that transcend historical time, place and culture.

I play the role of the child when I am sick or I am asking my dearest (and amazing) mother for help. I am married so I play the role of wife and housewife in that my husband works 9-5 so our unstated agreement is that I do the majority of the housework (and btw it gets done as my last priority so no wife of the year for me – lucky I am aiming for the Nobel Peace Prize!) I am a mum so every mum knows how much time two toddlers need; and what they get up to if you don’t give them the attention they need! I am an entrepreneur in that I am multi-passionate and creative, coming up with, and acting on, new dreams and new plans to impact the world daily. I am a Lightworker or more commonly known as the archetype of teacher, mentor, healer, shaman or sage. I connect with my divinity and I seek answers for myself and others to how they can live a meaningful existence and how we can come together to live in alignment with Mother Earth and all the species on the planet. I am a teacher and by-the-way so are you! It is our divine nature as elders of the tribe.

I am pure positive… In that I do not dwell on the negative happenings in the world, I focus solely on creating the world I would love to live in (what you focus on expands).

It is okay to have more than one mask. In fact you need to have many masks and learn to love wearing each and every one (just don’t let them become you)! Who are you unmasked? Transpersonal means trans (beyond) the person (the mask you wear): This is the authentic you!

Until I found my passion and purpose outside of being a wife and mother I resented being a wife and mother. Poor me I’ve got two beautiful children and all my baseline needs met: food, shelter, safety water and love! This is the victim archetype by-the-way who loves to hold us back from our potential. See I think the entrepreneur always resided inside of me, whispering ‘is this it, is this how you are going to live out your days, cleaning the house, changing nappies and playing boo’. Growing up I had big dreams but as I got older I took on the beliefs of the people I surrounded myself with ‘it is who you know not what you know’ and ‘only the born lucky climb to the top of mountain. I was ingrained with the law-of-attraction mindset I remember reading the quote on the fridge and constantly hearing mum say “if you think you can you can and if you think you can’t you can’t’”. Somewhere along the road can’t became so a part of my belief system that I felt completely and utterly trapped in this life that I had created for myself. I longed for so much more. But being a mum does give you one advantage – time on your own, or with your kids to be more precise, to think. And think (about the big issues) is what this distractive society does not encourage us to do (beyond staying in a fearful state of ‘us’ against ‘them’ – there is that negative news again!) Well I will tell you at the moment it is us (humans) against the planet (them) and until we realise we are part of this living organism called life (not separate and superior) we are living blindfolded by the cultural mask.

And this is what I think – We are born to be elders of the tribe. We are born to lead by example and learn (not earn) and we are born to pass this sacred wisdom and knowledge to younger generations. We are not born to earn and pass on ‘stuff’ to younger generations so that they can be the ‘cool crowd’. We were born to live in communities of connection and support, of sharing resources not hoarding resources whilst tribe-members in other continents die of starvation (fuelled by the myth of other).

Women no longer have to be ‘wife and mother’ and men no longer have to be ‘husband and dad’. In fact many people, who try to find fulfilment in these identities alone, long for more, but distract themselves, to push down this longing and guilt of feeling unfulfilled, into the shadows. I know because this used to be me. ‘Wife and mother’ was just filling the void until I was forced to seek answers to the questions ‘who am I beyond these feminine bound roles’, ‘what is my bliss?’ and ‘why am I here?’. The other day I was told that I am neglecting my children by not spending 80% of my time teaching/entertaining them (he actually said all my time but I assume he will allow me to cook and do the dishes whilst they entertain themselves). My initial reaction was I’ll be honest WTF because I confided in him that ‘I think I am a bad mum’ (and I do when I compare myself to the TV mum) but then I wondered – what sort of mum did he have that he thought this was the primary and only role of a mum with two young children? Reaction turned to compassion when I realised he had no idea of the pressures on the modern woman, especially on the modern woman who dares to have it all, authenticity, love, success, dreams and impact! My children are learning who to become by what I teach them I am, and I will not teach them I am only a consuming, body-focused wife and mother. I am not a perfect object to be admired for my perfection I am a growing, learning organism here to flower in my lifetime.

And society will try to pull you down if you dare to believe you were born for more than just ‘wife and mother’ or ‘husband and father’. We were born to be community elders, wisdom seekers, passers on of sacred knowledge and protectors of youth (not yearning for youth and what they represent because we don’t value wisdom).

My question to you – Who are you being? Are you acting in alignment with the community you want to create?

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Love and Rainbows, Karen Leverenz.

Helping Lightworkers Shine and Impact.