Transpersonal includes everything that it is to be human and everything beyond that which is perceived by the outer senses. Trans literally means ‘beyond’ and persona ‘the mask’? What lies beyond the social masks or personas that we wear? What is beyond the thin veil that separates when we change from ordinary waking state into an alternate state of consciousness? For example, having a coffee is a state change – to one of ‘energized’ facilitated by the consumption of the coffee bean. Relaxation is a state change to one of relaxation facilitated by the awareness of the breath and awareness of separateness of being from thoughts (or the mind). The transpersonal is interested in understanding and using altered states of consciousness to access healing resources and to facilitate a knowingness of oneness. Another way one can tune into knowingness of oneness is intuition.

Intuition is a knowing and a gift from our higher self, our soul, to keep us on the soul’s path.


Intuition is like the Jiminy cricket on our shoulder, giving us the nudges and treasures we seek if we dare to follow the higher hero’s journey. I am a lover of testing my intuition to my own detriment, or I’ll reframe, because I believe that everything happens for us, not following my intuition always leads to lessons learned. I suppose it makes my Trust in a higher power stronger, because when I go against my inner-knowing, my intuition and my first felt-sense or psychic message received, it always turns out to be correct, making me Trust my intuition even more.

When I have good intuition – the feeling of inner-knowing that I was divinely guided to this person or place – it always turns out to be correct and a profound and meaningful experience.


I believe in past lives. I have read enough and talked with many people who have a strong connection with the other side (people who can see spirit/angels/auras etc.) and I have experienced enough that is transpersonal, or the ‘not readily explainable’ by objective science or religion, that I know there are other realms and other beings out there accessible to us all. I believe we have a guide with us always because this daemon, spirit guide, guardian angel (or whatever you want to call it dependent on the cultural beliefs you grew up in) always gives me a clear sign when I ask/need – it is a secret sign between us that connects me with the other side and the knowingness that I am divinely guided. But I am not ‘special’, we are all divine beings, we all have these gifts, abilities and guides – you are divinely guided too! – If you don’t believe me I am trained to show you how to connect with your inner wisdom and guides.

You are a powerful and divine being don’t you know… Yes, at a soul level you know this.


There are many scientific investigations of past lives – children who have remembered past lives – and their memories were proven and verified. I have read about many hypnotists who (sometimes accidentally) took people beyond their current life and discovered things impacting them in this current life. It really is fascinating when your vision is pushed beyond what you have been taught to believe about the world. I really am and explorer of altered states of consciousness because when I discover something new I embrace it and seek to allow it or even experience it for myself. I have had my own profound experiences exploring past-lives and it has given me awareness and appreciation of myself as a soul having an adventure in this body, connecting with my soulmates on my journey of ascension.

Many people have experienced the other side during a near death experience.


There are many scientific investigations of near death experiences and the usual story is the person comes back fully awakened and steps into the life and the calling they are here to live: they start LIVING before they die so to speak. There are cultures who have been using the full spectrum of consciousness, including altered states of consciousness for thousands of years. They often ingest plant medicine, given to us from Mother Earth to experience alternate realities. One of these is DMT, known as the God drug, as it has effects like what I imagine a near death experience has – and once you experience yourself as a divine being, there is no switch to turn the light off.

When human potential is experienced uninvited the world and the reality we live in, can become a very scary and an unimaginable place, especially when the culture doesn’t support of condone the knowing of the full potential of the self. Transpersonal has reframed schizophrenia and other dis-orders as sometimes being related to a spiritual emergence or crisis, and there is private research continuing on this. Instead of being supported in the Dark Night of The Soul or their sudden awareness of the CRAZINESS OF THE MODERN WORLD, realms once hidden or their full human potential, people in spiritual crisis are condemned and told they are crazy, medicated and removed until they can adhere to the social code.

There is a beautiful quote “it is no measure of health to be well adjusted in a profoundly sick society” by Jiddu Krishnamurti.


The human being has profound healing potential: when allowed to go through something fully, and supported by the culture they are in, humans are often able to come through the other side anew. In some cultures, schizophrenic symptoms are viewed as a call to be a shaman and the refusal of the call causes the symptoms to persist until the call is realized. In the second half of the twentieth century The Soteria Project facilitated and supported schizophrenic patients in an experiential community-like environment. Patients were supported and given the hope and expectation that they WOULD INEVITABLY heal – and on average it took six weeks for them to self-heal and go through the full process they needed to go through, ‘significant and comparable improvement’ outcomes were reported.

Maybe people in spiritual crisis are going through something necessary for the soul’s evolution, a spiritual emergence? Maybe the mask has smashed and a disassociated and fractured soul needs unjudgmental love and community support? All too often and sadly for people in crisis, a life sentence is prescribed, along with a disempowering label, imprisonment, and a numbing out.

Just some food for thought… and some of the many reasons I am in love with the transpersonal.

Remember –

You are the divine being that makes the grass greener.