Laughter as Medicine

Last week I went to a funeral. It definitely makes one think about life and death. The preciousness of life.

It made me think about the mark we leave on the world by who we are.

How will you be remembered?

I remember my Grand’Ma’ in law for her ‘laughter as medicine’ belief.

Long before I knew anything about laughter being one of the highest vibrating emotions ‘Ma’ was doing her daily 5 minutes of laughter. For over 20 years (that my husband remembers) this woman would wake up and spend the first 5 minutes of her day laughing! We did a quick equation and found that she had spent over a month of her life laughing! What a woman.

If joy, love, laughter and appreciation are some of the highest vibrating emotions, then Ma started her day on the best possible foot. When Ma found out that she was terminal, she refused treatment.

When I spoke with her to tell her that laughing would live on in her family, she was at peace with death, even ready to go. She had “had a good life”. She was ready to go back to her star.

During the funeral I walked out to settle my baby and the first thing I heard was the distinct laughter of a Kookaburra.

I believe that was Ma, there with us that day, happy about the mark she had left on the world.

List some of the values and achievements you would like to be remembered for. How could you start living these values now, everyday? For example, if positive is a value you would like to be remembered for, ask yourself at the end of each day, was most of my dialogue positive today?

You will become the sum total of your everyday habits.

How could you start working backwards from the big achievements you want to create in your life today? I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below.