Everything works out perfectly.

I truly believe that when you step into your calling, onto your dharmic path, the Universe fully supports you.


When we are brave enough to go on the higher hero’s journey, become aligned with our higher self and live our Truth, not shrink to what Freud calls the superego, when we align with what Yung calls the collective unconscious, then the Universe gives us signs and what we need (financially/emotionally) to support our journey. Even though we are separating from the herd, and many of us are taking a gamble on our dream to fully support ourselves doing what we love, what we are called to do, in my experience the separation and gamble pays off. It pays off with the knowing that you are fully supported by a higher power: nothing connects you to spirituality more that that.

See when I made the decision that I did not want to go back to primary school teaching and started to treat nutrition coaching with Herbalife seriously, my soul knew I was in the right place (despite the naysayers, negativity and the even friends/family I lost, for making this decision).

Tuning into your soul and what your soul wants is the most important (and perhaps difficult) thing you will ever do.


Herbalife was as a divine reminder of what I had forgotten: that learning and self-development is forever; that you can achieve anything you believe with all your heart; and that you’ve got to become the person you dream of being before it manifests. I am forever grateful to Herbalife and my beautiful clients who taught me so much about coaching, and myself. Herbalife led me to running ‘thank God it’s Monday – TGIM’ workshops where I realized my true calling was to help people with abundance, happiness and the entrepreneur mindset that I had developed, and was having an enormous impact on my life. These 3 mindsets combined are what I call the Mindset Trifecta because when you fully believe and experience that you can live the life of your dreams, and that NO ONE can hold you back but yourself, the world is yours. And not in a greedy way, because these mindsets plus service to a greater good and giving value is (I believe) the secret to success. See I also believe that you will not get ahead by doing the wrong thing (or not for long anyway) because what you give out always comes back to you. When your intentions are for the good of humanity, and you align with divine guidance such as Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Archangels or Ascendant Masters then you can only be doing God’s work. If you want to learn how to manifest with your spirit guides download my free lesson and audio here.

A big part of life coaching is tuning into your limiting beliefs and challenging them. When you challenge and change your beliefs and mindset and develop limitless potential, the reality (the world) you live in changes.


When I had my awakening and the realization that I was meant to help people with more than just nutrition and feeling good in their body, that I was supposed to help them with stepping into their power and potential, with living the life of their dreams authentically, it was scary. But as soon as I downloaded this knowing, this divine message, and was brave enough to Trust and commit myself fully to life coaching, knowing that this is what I had to do – the courses, programs, mentors and financial means just appeared; so that I could do what I needed to do to get myself to this point, the point where all the investment in myself and my learning has paid off, the point where I know without a doubt that my coaching is transformative and life changing.

I am all about helping you PLAY BIG in a small thinking world. Once you realize that you have been culturally conditioned to play it safe and play small, and have the courage to step off the treadmill that is going to a predetermined destination (that you did not set), the Universe supports you fully. You can set the destination, tune into your divine guidance and shift onto the path of self-actualization and ascension.

I truly believe that you can create anything. If you up-level your mindset and glimpse beyond the matrix, you can up-level your beliefs about what is possible, and become the person you need to become to make it happen.


So, what are you willing to do to make your dreams come true? Are you ready to take the red pill, step into your divine mission, do what your soul came here to do, become the visionary and creator that you are, and have a massive impact on the world? Are you willing to stand up for what you believe in? Are you willing to fight for the Earth that we are destroying by burying our heads in the sand?

Remember –