Imagine waking to a new day as happy as the birds, singing brightly and cheerfully at the arrival of a new day, the return of another sun. How extraordinary would that be?

All entrepreneurs and successful people – that is people who get things done blissfully and consistently, start their mornings like the birds – and here my 5 most powerful success tips for you.

Be grateful


Upon waking, be present to the fact that you are lucky to be alive. Before you even rise from the bed, contemplate all the things you are grateful for. Then, continue to practice gratefulness throughout the day.  A grateful heart cannot be a fearful or a vengeful heart. A grateful heart swells with the beauty and the magic of the world. With the wonder of being alive. With the wonder of seeing another day. Another sun. Family. Warmth and the comfort from the blankets made from cotton and wool, water from the rain and breakfast from the wheat, or the hens golden eggs… or whatever you are lucky enough to eat. And you certainly are lucky if you have your basic needs of shelter, food and safety met. A grateful heart is like filling up a cup of water in the morning but the water keeps filling until it overflows. Observe as the full and grateful heart meets the first problems of the day – children who argue, demanding pets, bills that need to be paid –

The full and grateful heart responds very differently than the empty heart who is holding on tightly to all the good feelings it can get, fearful, awaiting and expecting something outside of itself to take it all away.


This morning I got to practice what I preach when my son had a meltdown because I started to get the cereal ready for him. I recall this same incident on another day, on which I had not started the day with a grateful heart, getting angry with him for not using his words and asking for what he wants – the responsibility to get his own breakfast in the mornings – and I quickly became the victim of his mood. Today with my heart full of blessings I calmly thanked the Universe for showing me the full effects of what I needed to teach him in this moment – I calmly explained to him that he needed to use his words and ask for what he wanted, then I modelled being grateful by saying how lucky we are to have breakfast to eat, a warm bed to sleep in and a house to keep us safe and warm. He then stopped sulking, asked me for a hug, and I allowed him to get his own breakfast.

Be joyful


Start your day singing or just start your day being joyful about the tasks of the day. You were born to contribute in some way to the world. Maybe you will go to work today and your smile and kind words will change the life of a customer, who was forgetting the value of true human and loving connection that can occur in just one moment. Maybe you get to feed your family and send them off to work or school in the clean clothes you washed for them. Maybe you get to show up today and live like there is no tomorrow.

Anything that is a ‘have to do’, reframe it as a ‘get to do’.


Today I get to choose healthy and nutritious foods for my family when I do the shopping. Today I get to do some exercise and feel those feel-good feelings that come from moving your body and having a great workout. Today I get to finish reading that book I love on the train. Today I get to learn something new. Today I get to mentor people. Today I get to share a part of who I am with the world! Today I get to play with my kids. Today I get to teach my kids to follow their dreams, to fail and try again, to be kind to a stranger and to apologise when they have done something wrong. Remember that no one is perfect – it is all just practice and the intention to get better each and every moment.

Remember who you are


Just in case you have forgotten overnight, it is a good idea to remind yourself that you are the divine being who makes the grass greener. Some positive affirming statements reminding you of your worth and purpose in the world is a great way to start the day. Know thy self. And don’t let someone else define who you are. Define who you are and own that shit. A bird knows he is called to sing when the sun rises. What about you? I know that I am called to be a writer. A spiritual entrepreneur. A teacher. A messenger. A sage. A person who came here with a mission and a purpose to have an impact on the world (and so did you btw!) But what do you tell yourself you are each and every day? (knowingly, consciously and unknowingly, unconsciously). If you don’t remind yourself who and what you are you may fall victim to other people’s opinions being placed onto you. See we all, just through the process of looking at another, size them up and have thoughts about them. We can read body language, tone and even the thought energy of the other. If you don’t define yourself you are being defined by someone else. Place a strong protection bubble around your self-esteem each day by reminding yourself who you are before someone else defines you. Start a fresh page of your journal with ‘I am’ and follow it on with all that you are and all that you can (and will) be.

Remember you are not alone


When one bird starts singing all the other birds start joining in the song. Alone it sounds nice, together it sounds divine. All the unique sounds coming together create something way more beautiful than can be achieved alone. Remember you are not alone. There are birds ready to sing beside you, you just need to start the song. We all have spirit guides and earth guides to travel with us on our journey through life. How do I know? Every time I sit in silence and do a journey meditation, or ask a question and sit in contemplation, an answer comes to me through my extra senses. These are the ‘clairs’ or the extra senses that we all have. An amazing psychic Alison Burman once asked me, why would we have a third eye if it was not to process the inner information that we can all receive? In the mornings, I like to connect with my guides and set intentions for what I wish to achieve that day. I invoke the Elemental Archangels and a focus deity who I want to help me with something specific, for example Buddha if I am wanting compassion for myself or another. When I am writing I will invoke Archangel Jophiel and the Angels of Illumination to help me with my writing. I use a specific transpersonal process to help my clients connect with their spirit guides and inner wisdom. There is something way more powerful about taking people beyond their thoughts, helping them change states and access their higher consciousness to produce answers/results. I have a daily ritual the ‘Light Manifesting Ritual’ that you can download here. I personally love this manifesting ritual as it centers me and gives me the clarity/answers/ideas I ask for, every time I use it. I have just released it for free so make sure you get it before I change the offer.

Take inspired action by connecting with your vision, your why


If you could live in any world, any reality, what world and reality would you want to live in? The ‘imagine you were limitless’ question is such an important vision to connect with daily. Tapping into your why and digging deeper into your soul to unearth what drives you at your core, is such an important exercise. Be clear on your vision of – who you are, what your ideal day looks like, the kind of people you surround yourself with and the work your soul came here to do. Tap into this vision every day, before you start every project and you will be unstoppable. Your why should move you when you just want to pull the doona over your head and go back to sleep. I know a core motivator for me is to be of service. I think we all want to contribute something of value to the tribe. If the tribe is sick and hungry I hope I can bring them food and soul medicine (and I do believe that many in the tribe are unwell because they are so disconnected from their authentic being – wearing masks and in some cases morphing into the identity of that mask). To be of service to the Light is my highest value. I aim to be of service to all the people I am connected with today. May I serve my children as a teacher not through my words but through my actions. May I serve my clients during our coaching sessions, may they tap into their divine light and potential and be inspired to do the work or share the message/story their soul came here to share. May I serve my readers, may I inspire them and touch their heart and soul with my words.

Have an amazing day. I dare you to try my five steps to success and let me know how this process moves you.

I am so grateful…

Today I get to…

I am…

I call upon… to help me…

My vision is… and I aim to be of service today by…


And remember –