If it is meant to be. It will be…

You’ve just got to dream, act and surrender. Walk forth towards your goal with passion and don’t focus on the how… focus on service.

One of my biggest callings, my Dharma, that I fought against for a long time (I can be stubborn, my moon sign is Taurus), was my knowingness that I was born to write.


Birth an important message into the world.

I believe in divine timing, so I know that I needed life experience first before I kneeled down to my calling – before my Dharma got a hold of me and shook me, and said it is time to write the book.

I always knew 2017 would be a big year for me. In numerology, I have a one life path. It is a one universal year. The year one is about leadership and new beginnings. 2017 is the year I would come into my own as a writer and a leader. A leader in the sense that it is time for me to stop following, it is time for me to lead from the front.

Late in 2016 I went to Melbourne for a friends Manifesting Workshop. During this workshop, during a meditation, I received the image of a whale, one of my totem animals. It came to me and blew its blowhole. I knew immediately the message I was receiving was about 2017 being the year I would stop collecting information, and start sharing it – letting all this knowledge that was inside of me out, releasing it and gifting it back to the world.

When the year began, I thought coaching was it; that transpersonal life and business coaching was what I was here to do – and it is part of it, but it is not all of it. My friend did a reading for me, which she recorded, and about 3 minutes in she said what was coming through was that I hadn’t found my unique gift that I would share with the world just yet, that I was being led to it. I distinctly remember this because I was a little frustrated… what do you mean I haven’t found my unique gift yet? I thought I had all the jigsaw pieces! And here I was being told there was more to come!

Then, in that subtle way the Universe works, I saw the Hay House Sydney Writers Workshop, and the competition for the $5000 publishing grant, and I KNEW I had to go. I booked a plane ticket and a hotel straight away. I put a post on the Facebook group asking for a roomie because I knew this adventure would be a financially stretching one. Then the father of my children decided to move to Melbourne so I knew I had no one to look after the kids, so I booked him a flight back to Adelaide just for the weekend. I still didn’t have my ticket so I applied for a scholarship, which I didn’t win. However, I manifested the ticket another way.

I really wanted to stay at the Ibis Darling Harbor on the Saturday of the workshop because it was close to the Sydney International Convention Center where the event was being held. However, I found a roommate who had a cheaper room, so I cancelled my room at Ibis. Then when my roomie arrived on the Friday before the workshop, she told me that her room was tiny, probably not suitable for two people. Just prior to this some money had appeared in my account so I immediately rebooked a room at the Ibis, for about $80 cheaper!

There is a reason I am telling you about this… hold tight the story gets interesting soon.

Leaving that Hay House Writers Workshop, I knew I wanted to be a Hay House author and be up on that stage sharing my story at the next event. Some other full on stuff (‘meant to happen’ things) occurred that weekend which I will talk about in another blog post, but for now all I want to say is that I was being mentored and guided to write my first book.

A few days into my daily writing practice, which was coming with so much ease and flow I couldn’t believe it (I was definitely channeling it… which btw is a skill I believe we can all do, and I teach it to my clients), I had reading with a psychic medium.

Again, it was just some medium I found online and I had this knowing that I had to have a reading with him. Master manifestor that I am, the funds and means appeared, so I booked him in.

He talked about March being a month in which ‘I would not be able wipe the smile from my face’…

March was the month the Hay House writers workshop winner would be announced!

If it is meant to be…

The other thing the medium said was that one of my guides is Thoth who is the God of Wisdom and Knowledge. Immediately I knew I would be calling in Thoth before each writing session and during my daily Light Manifesting Ritual. I needed a symbol for Thoth for my Alter, and guess what that symbol is… the Ibis (remember the name of the hotel I stayed at)! I couldn’t make this up if I tried!

Another thing the medium picked up was this book series Kryon, he thought I would be writing a series like this and completing it in 2028. When I googled the series, the first thing that I noticed was the writer wrote a lot of parables, which are ‘easily digestible stories with a potent moral’ (thank you Google). That very day I had written a parable! I didn’t know that that was what it was called at the time, it was just the best way I felt I could get the message across in that chapter.

As I am writing this blog, I think of the stories that have inspired me greatly – American History X (actually inspired me to want to write and study filmmaking) and Do The Right Thing. For me, it has always been about the moral and the essence of the message.

One of the best things that happened during the Hay House weekend was they released a few Hay House courses at a very discounted price, including Wayne Dyer’s E-Course Writing From Your Soul.  Listening to Wayne it all made sense

I knew I was divinely guided to go to that workshop so that I could get that course and start my writing journey being mentored by Wayne Dyer.

Wayne reminds me of my late Grandpa who lived sooo simply, giving sooo freely. He impacted so many because of who he was as a person.

As I am writing this blog, connecting all the dots, I realise I had known it all along: my soul contract, my Dharma was to share my unique message with the world. I was like sleeping beauty waiting to be kissed by God, awoken with this remembrance of what my soul came here to do.

Do you know what your soul came here to do? My other love is helping people get in touch with their inner-divinity and dharma – helping them achieve their soul’s goal in this lifetime.

Thank you Universe! I needed this ‘spiritual kick up the butt’ (the mediums words) to get moving on my Dharma, to stop playing small and start serving the people I had come here to serve.

This is another story shared with you from my heart, to help you know that you are always guided. You are exactly where you need to be. Everything will unfold as it should.

Have faith. It will happen.


And remember –