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/Signs from the Universe

Make way for something new

I Trust in the signs that I receive from the Universe, always. Today during my daily Light Manifesting Ritual (website freebie), I had a vision of the forest burning down, a clear sign of releasing (with love and gratitude) and letting go of all that is out of alignment with my soul’s mission. When the [...]

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An out of body experience

“You can’t hide from your inner shit. Nope. You can’t sleep it off. You can’t surgically remove it. You can’t eat/buy/wish/exercise it away. You have to turn towards it and embrace it. Look into its eyes. Be patient and so fucking tender. Then get intimate with it until it shows you another way, a different [...]

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Join a tribe of like minded Spiritual Lightworkers!

Join a tribe of like minded Spiritual Lightworkers! “If you feel like you don’t fit in, in this world, it is because you are here to create a new one” – Unknown We can't not do the work our soul came here to do! That's the thing about a calling you might be able to [...]

The Universe Gives You Everything You Need To Support You On Your Dharmic Path

The Universe gives you everything you need to support you on your dharmic path. For this, I am SO grateful! For me, 2017 has been a year of growth, courage and a year of bringing light to my shadows, so that I can fully and completely shine and impact. It has been a year symbolised [...]

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What to do when you are an apple and others want you to be an orange

I am feeling pretty fired-up (in my protect-thy-ego-mode) at the moment. I should either go meditate or write a passionate post to get to the bottom of these feelings I am having... I choose the latter. I am thinking about a family member's comparative remarks yesterday. She was asking my (nearly two-year-old) daughter to label [...]

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If it is meant to be, it will be.

If it is meant to be. It will be… You’ve just got to dream, act and surrender. Walk forth towards your goal with passion and don’t focus on the how… focus on service. One of my biggest callings, my Dharma, that I fought against for a long time (I can be stubborn, my moon sign [...]

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Are you my soulmate client?

I genuinely believe that everything happens for a reason. To the point that I feel that certain animals, numbers and even people come into my life/awareness as destiny or a lesson/reminder. For example, triple or quadruple repeat numbers often give me the gentle reminder and sometimes a pick-me-up that I am being divinely guided, that [...]

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