Aiming for your goals

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” – Alexander Den Heijer. Watch the flower grow. When you have a goal, set an intention and plant a seed. Don't worry about how the flower grows, but it certainly helps to water it daily (take daily actions towards [...]

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The GOLD in you

“The gold you see in me, is the gold you must mine in you.” – Karen Leverenz. What has inspired you from the beginning of your journey? What have your interests always been? For me it is teaching and dispersing information of value. When I started learning online, I followed Mindvalley, The Shift Network, I [...]

Encourage to inspire

I AM calling in people who are soul aligned with my core spiritual beliefs, and values - Love. Encourage. Courage and Trust in the Universe. What is love? Love is compassion. Empathy. Non-judgement. Respect. Being with. Non-agenda. Open-heartedness. Open-mindedness. In the past, I have written my story and truth, and had comments from people who [...]

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Join a tribe of like minded Spiritual Lightworkers!

Join a tribe of like minded Spiritual Lightworkers! “If you feel like you don’t fit in, in this world, it is because you are here to create a new one” – Unknown We can't not do the work our soul came here to do! That's the thing about a calling you might be able to [...]

The Universe Gives You Everything You Need To Support You On Your Dharmic Path

The Universe gives you everything you need to support you on your dharmic path. For this, I am SO grateful! For me, 2017 has been a year of growth, courage and a year of bringing light to my shadows, so that I can fully and completely shine and impact. It has been a year symbolised [...]

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Are you my soulmate client?

I genuinely believe that everything happens for a reason. To the point that I feel that certain animals, numbers and even people come into my life/awareness as destiny or a lesson/reminder. For example, triple or quadruple repeat numbers often give me the gentle reminder and sometimes a pick-me-up that I am being divinely guided, that [...]

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The downside of personal development.

I never thought I would be saying this. But there is a downside to personal development and I learnt the smart way. Working with my coach I was clarifying my goals, what I want to achieve and how I spend my time.  My big ‘ah ha’ revelation was that I need to prioritise creating and [...]

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What is Transpersonal Coaching and Counselling?

What is life coaching? What is business coaching? Most people are familiar with counselling, but lifestyle and business coaches are a relatively new phenomenon that has grown out of a need--because many people are waking up unhappy and dissatisfied in their life and job/career. We were born to have a LIVELIHOOD (do what we love/serve others [...]

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The Emergence of Coaching

The 21st Century has seen the rise of coaching as a legitimate way to move forward in your life. So what is coaching? Coaching is teaching, mentoring, guiding, unconditional love, assistance, passing on knowledge and much more. Once upon a time we were all teachers, coaches, elders. But as a society we lost that connection [...]

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