What you can become

What you can become

What you can become


Have I really changed that much?

Some people who’ve known me a while will think I am a completely different person to who I was fifteen years ago. Some people who know me, will know that I am exactly the same.

See I’ve always wanted to change the world and make it a better place for all people (and species) to live in. After all, one of my highest values is equality.

I remember the film that changed my life and made me want to be a messenger and impact – American History X.

I haven’t watched that film since I was a teenager, but it left such a profound impact on me. It literally changed my life and the path I took. Even back then, I wanted to share messages of truth and hope and to change people’s lives through self-realisation.

We are the sum of our environment and our upbringing… but we don’t have to be. We get to recognise who we are (and why) and choose to be birthed in each moment. That is the message of that film.

At the time I watched American History X, I was in a single parent, low-income household, going to a public high school. My friends had been recruited by bikies, as just young kids, to do crime in return for drugs.

I had this underlying belief that I could become whatever I wanted to be, but it was in direct contradiction to what I was experiencing. My friends were starting to go to jail and were becoming addicted to obliterating themselves, and their lives. They had no hope. They believed the hidden curriculum that they would never amount to anything. They had given up, and the system had given up on them. They believed they were not special and they would never amount to anything.

This made me sad. And angry. And driven. Who was going to fight for these kids on the streets, being taken advantage of by adults also acting unconsciously? Who was going to wake up the adults, and the children from this nightmare?

One thing I learned from moving states and starting fresh, is that I could be whoever I wanted to be. No one knew me, so I could choose who I wanted to become. However, it would be a long time before I decided who I really wanted to become… and made conscious decisions and took conscious actions towards that choice (instead of acting unconsciously).

I learned that we do become who we hang around. By changing who I hung around, I began morphing into a different version of me.

I see people who don’t know how to change their friendship circle, even when they don’t particularly like them, or have simply outgrown them (perhaps unconsciously valuing loyalty above freedom). I also see people who choose to hang around with people who bring them down, rather than be alone.

And I know that these are choices. This is not your destiny. This is not your lot to suffer. This was the life you chose, and you chose it for a reason. Is it time to wake up and choose?

I believe that I chose my parents and family to get what I needed, so that I could rise above it all and teach what I came here to teach. About not giving up. About believing in yourself. About realising your inherent divinity and worth.

I am no better that you. You are no better than me. Better than, is just an illusion. I am no better than an ant working with his tribe, to feed his family.

But I can, and I will, and I do, feel this urgency from the time of my awakening, to share my message of hope with the world.

To you, I might have changed. But this version me was always inside of me, and I believe a similar version of you lies dormant, like sleeping beauty, inside of you.

Sleeping beauty was merely disconnected from her highest self and running from her purpose!

I have yielded to the kiss, and you may, or may not, get it. But what drives me now is this need to be fully and authentically me. To share my message as it comes through me, (for I am just a channel). My mission is to help the world wake up, pull its head out the sand, know WHAT to do, and be inspired to do it!

I am on a journey home to my soul and I know, and I Trust that I am being looked after on this path. I am tuning in to what I am here to do, and I am going to share my messages of light with you.

If I trigger you. Switch off now. I am only calling in soul aligned people who are not afraid of their own power and potential.

After all, my wholehearted belief that drives all that I do is –

You are the divine being that makes the grass greener xx


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