Ways to attract abundance

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Ways to attract abundance

“Something wonderful and magical is about to happen. Are you ready?” – Unknown.

Are you allowing yourself to receive abundance, and answers, from the Universe?

Today I had a transpersonal process done on me, which I love (I use this with my clients all the time).

In it, I wanted to explore how I could receive more abundance from the Universe.

Specifically, I want to bring in more spiritually aligned soul-sisters, and abundance for sharing my gifts with the world.

The vision I received from my higher-self/spirit guides will help you too, so I am going to share it with you.

I was in my favorite forest, Sherbrook Forest, where I have many happy memories. I was on the walking track, and when I asked, ‘how can I receive more in return for my giving’? I was given a vision of the sunlight shining through the trees. Only small beams poked through the trees, but I intuitively knew that I must go to the sunlight and bask in its warmth. I felt complete, and in gratitude, for the small pockets of sunlight shining through the trees.

I was receiving the first part of the answer I was seeking – I could seek out and enjoy the sunlight and warmth any time I wanted, by being in gratitude for the little things, the friends I have, the money I receive in my business today. It didn’t matter how little sunlight was coming through the trees, I needed to see it and be in grateful for it.

I was really appreciating the sunlight (there was nothing missing, I felt complete), when suddenly I remembered ahead where the trail just opens out and an enormous amount of sunlight shines through. I was being told that when I am in complete gratitude for the small things, it will open the path to larger things.

I was laying in this open space, soaking the sunshine in, and fully appreciating it, when a wombat walked by slowly across the trail. I was in awe of this slow but content marsupial. I remembered thinking, it doesn’t get better than this. Enjoying the now. Enjoying the gifts of the forest.

Then a group of fairies came flying, playfully around me. I asked my question, again, this time to the fairies. They blew dandelions into my face, playfully, like duh it’s easy, make a wish! Ask!

Finally, I was flying through the forest playfully like Bella in Twilight when she first realises she can navigate the trees. I felt utter joy and freedom.

So, how do these messages I received during my transpersonal process help you?

  1. If you want more of anything, then be in complete gratitude for all that you have now (even, and especially, if it is not much). This will open the pathway for more to come.
  2. To receive more, you need to ask! No fairy can grant your wishes if you don’t ask for them! Frequently. Blow them out into the Universe like dandelions, and Trust that they will land and grow where they are supposed to land and grow.
  3. When you realise your power and potential, your abundance now, when life is fun and in flow, you will fly with ease.

And remember- you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx

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