The light inside you

//The light inside you

The light inside you

“A Goddess is a woman who emerges from deep within herself. She is a woman who has honestly explored her darkness and learned to celebrate her light. She is a woman who is able to fall in love with the magnificent possibilities within her.”


What is your power?

Your power is to change the world.

From the Universal Principle – As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without.

Your power is to change the inner and outer worlds. By alchemising the inner world you change the outer reality.

Your power is to show up daily in your power.

Your power is to be your potential expressed into the world.

Your power is your art, your talent or your passion being used in service of the Great Work.

Your power is the light inside of you that you keep switched off, just in case you are a little too bright, a little too different, a little too much.

You didn’t come here to fit it. You came here to own your power and to fulfill your potential.

To become the best version of you in this lifetime. To live life like it IS your bucket list. To create the life you dream of creating. To do it all. To have it all. To be it all.

Stop playing small. Stop being so afraid of the darn switch and switch it on and up.

Turn it up. Brighter. Brighter. BRIGHTER.

Not bright enough. I can see how bright you can go. You are the light of love. BRIGHTER.

That’s better! Look at you there lighting up the night sky, like a star!

You stand out.

You inspire.

Yes, people look at you. Because in you, they see the potential that exists in them, and now it is calling them to switch on their light.

You have made them think, if not about travelling into space, about at least going outside today, into the sunshine. Smiling at another person. Loving on life.

All because you owned your power. All because you unleashed the light within.

You’ve kept it snuffed like a candle, caged and locked away. Time to let her out. Time to let the world see ALL of you. Because ALL of you is perfect. All of you is good enough. All of you is worthy. All if you wants this. All of you came here for this and you are awakening because you remember.

You are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx

P.S. Own Your Power: Unleash the Light Within the workshop is going LIVE this Sunday.

I am going to show you –

That the star in you exists. You’ve squashed her down and buried her because life got to you. Life told you that you don’t measure up. To whom? You are as frikin unique as your fingerprint. Who told you that you don’t make the cut. Who appointed them head coach anyway? Appoint thyself.

Who are you to bury the part of you that sparkles?

Stop buying into the b.s. that you are not good enough because you didn’t grow up in the right neighborhood or whatever else b.s. story you tell yourself to justify playing small.

I feel your energy and it reeks like Reek from Game of Thrones. But it doesn’t have to. That is why I am putting on this workshop, Own Your Power: Unleash the Light Within. I am tired of seeing people give their power away, over to ‘a myth’, not even written by them!

I am tired of seeing people hold in their lightbody until it suffocates.

You were born to own it. Confidence is not just something a teenager has before ‘life happens’.

It is time to reclaim your awesome.

It is time…

To Own Your Power!

I still remember when I thought powerful was a dirty word. Yuk! Powerful. Not me! Powerful were those politicians I despised. Not something I aspired to being. Power equated with evil, so I disowned that part of me.

But what if I told you…

Nelson Mandala owned his power.

Mother Teresa owned her power.

Louise Hay definitely owned her power.

Why do you have an aversion to the word power then?

If you’ve disowned powerful as it relates to you this workshop is made for you.

If you are hiding your light, maybe even from yourself, then this workshop is meant for you.

If you know you came here to shine bright and impact, then this workshop is channelled for you.

I want you to know in your heart and your soul that you ARE powerful. I want you to learn how to use your superpowers, and use them to change the world. Own your power. And always in service. Always in alignment with the highest good of all.

When you can use your power and energy to lift people, not harm them, then you embody the light-leader within. The king, queen, emperor or empress can all be powerful and hated, or powerful and loved. You get to choose. You get to direct your power with an energy and frequency that suits you.

I am going to teach you all of the above in a super powerful online workshop, and more. I am going to teach you how to shine, leap, play big, stop dimming your light… own your power, be the energy of powerful, embody the lightleader within.

We will dismember those stories that keep you playing small.

We will create new plots that suit the character you desire to play now.

We all have multiple personalities, did you read that theory?

Maybe you have chosen to play the same character for so long you believe that you have become her/him. Do you believe you can switch, like those characters who switch bodies in the movies?

This workshop will not only show you how, but it will insist on why you must! You must play with the most powerful player in your repertoire because you’ve got a mission to fulfill. A duty to perform. And sadly, the weakest link, is not remembered. Not that you play the game of life to be remembered but you play to impact others and if you show up without your energetic armour in check, your message won’t be heard. Your story won’t be told. Your light will burn out rather than ignite a thousand fires.

So are you in? Are you ready to Own Your Power: Unleash the Light Within?

(Link in comments/bio). Payment ensures access to the private group where the training will go live, and can be watched over and over by replay. Anyone who jumps on board by Saturday will get a 20 mins Inner-divinity-Coaching session (free). In this 1 on 1 session, I want to get to know YOU and how I can help YOU step more fully into your power and potential. We will help you shift whatever is your biggest hurdle right now to owning your power. It is time, to unleash the light within xx



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