The Awakening

The Awakening

The Awakening

“Our contribution to mass consciousness alters the experience of our species” – Soul Work 101.

Wake up and shine.

Focus: Self Others
Motivation: Greed Love
Goal: Money Experience
Attitude: Cocky Humble
Objective: Power Unity
Purpose: Materialism Family
Drive: Pleasure Understanding
Seeking: Popularity Truth
Obsession: Looks Health
Animals: Commodity Spiritual Beings
Result: Addiction Spirituality
Outcome: Miserable Ecstatic



“This awakening business is not easy. Some people will hate you as you go. People you once loved. They will try with all their might to prevent you from changing. You are shedding your skin, becoming the person that was always beneath the superficial distractions. Know your truth and allow yourself to treat each attack as a lesson. Understand that you are waking up from the nightmares that they still sleep in. Leave them there and hope eventually they follow. – Soul Fully Beautiful.

And then… the ugly duckling realises she is a beautiful butterfly and must undergo the ultimate transformation.

 “Your business is with action alone: not by any means with the fruit of action. Let not the fruit of action be your motive to action. Let not your attachment be fixed on inaction. Therefore, always perform action, which must be performed, without attachment. For a man, performing action without attachment attains the Supreme” – Krishna to Arjuna.

Focus on being in service dearest lightworker and lightwarrior.

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