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Taking action to overcome struggles

“It is spiritual poverty, not material lack, that lies at the core of all human suffering” – Unknown.

What are you struggling with? It is okay to ask for help. In fact, if you’ve been giving a little too much (energetically or otherwise), maybe it’s time you did a little receiving?

I nearly didn’t post this blog. I tuned into why I am feeling fearful of sharing what I am being called to share today. Firstly, because people who warn you against starting a business will love this, they’ll say, “see this is why working for the man works”. (But surely no-one expects someone in the start-up phase of a business to be turning a massive profit?) Anyway, I decided to post it, because it is the truth, and I value being real. Secondly, it may help someone who needs help, ask for the help they need. Thirdly, if you are doing okay, it might encourage you to give more, or help more than you currently do.

Question – Why do online business entrepreneurs, all pretend they are financially free? Hint- they can’t all be millionaires (although some genuinely are). Answer – They sell the result that they can give you, they sell you the ups, not the downs.

I want to explain the reality of a start-up to help you understand the first phase of any new business. Some of the things that go into starting a new business are research, training, mentoring, coaching, visioning, the business plan (the roadmap), the expenses (legal advice, licenses, website design and development to name a few) and the profit forecast. It takes time (and money) to learn, and for you to grow your vision into something that is a fit for you (every idea evolves). If you put in your own capital (like I do) then your start-up costs will be higher, and you may run at a loss for the first year or two. This is the reality of the average business. There is a steep learning curve. If a lawnmower business wasn’t turning a profit in the first few years, you wouldn’t look down on him as a lesser lawnmower man. And he wouldn’t need to pretend to be a millionaire for you to want to hire him.

So here is the part of the story that I didn’t want to share maybe I added all the above hoping you won’t read this far!

Today I hit rock bottom. I am grateful because I needed this good hard look at my reality in the mirror. I needed this for me to choose differently (that this will not happen again… savings account opened, and I will pay myself first)! Beyond the initial embarrassment of sharing this story with you, I am grateful for what happened today. I needed to overhaul my money mindset and allow myself to start receiving for my gifts. Tuning into my heart chakra today, I had the vision that I am good with giving, but I struggle with the receiving.

Anyway, here goes –

This morning I dropped Aston at Kindy and they had bread at the front desk. I asked about services where I could get a food voucher, or some food to get us through the week.

We had an unexpected non-negotiable bill that left us with no food money this week. Telling my story to the lady who gave me a box of food and a voucher for the food bank made me break down crying. The shame of being in this position (where I have no savings for an unforeseen bill that has stretched my budget to breaking point). The shame of asking a stranger for help!

I do take full responsibility for my circumstances. I put myself in this position. I organised a work placement in Melbourne that is costing me a lot (but it is a total investment in my business/vision). I am finishing the final practical component of my transpersonal counselling qualification. I am getting the occasional coaching client, and really loving the shifts they are having working with me. My soul is happy.

I’m pretty good at budgeting and had the next few months expenses mapped out, and it all looked good, until this unexpected bill arrived. To pay this bill meant something had to go, and the only thing I could cut was our food.

The people at the food bank were lovely. I was so grateful for their time, volunteering and kindness. Not having enough to make ends meet could happen to anyone. No one likes to have to rely on other people to help them, but sometimes we all need help (financially/emotionally/otherwise). One thing I know for sure is that when our basic needs are not met, we cannot thrive.

I am so grateful for this food that will get us through the week, and as I walked out, I vowed to myself that as my business grows, I will give back to this organisation.

The start-up phase of starting a soul aligned business can have ups and downs, but it is totally worth it. Haters may tell you to get a real job, or that you are a bludger.

My goal is to build my passion-based business to a point where I can support my family, the greater community, and organisations like Amnesty International who are making a difference in the global world. A benefit of having a business over a wage, is that a wage may not go up, but a business profit can, and quickly. There are many other benefits, but that is a blog for another day. My point is, that I have decided that the business model is for me, and that nothing is going to stop me, not even having to ask for food vouchers at the food bank. I know it will not be this way forever.

I have decided that I get to live my life on my terms, having an impact with my message and receiving income from the mentoring and the teaching that I am here to do.

I know that the first few years of business will be ‘an adventure’, but I am determined (and stubborn – the Taurus moon in me) to keep going no matter what. If that means I must accept food from strangers, then so be it. I’m probably owed a little receiving from the Universe anyway, I’ve given a fair few people in need, free transpersonal coaching sessions.

We have gone from a society that tithes, to a society where many people struggle to make ends meet. If you are doing better than the average person, I hope you don’t have the belief that they are bludgers. You don’t know what struggles (or breakthroughs) they are going through. I believe in reincarnation, not because I have seen studies on children who remember their past-lives, but because of my own past life regression experiences, so you’d better have compassion! You’d better love the person you judge, or you might come back with their story! I hope you don’t begrudge a portion of your tax going to help others, who are in a different stage of their business/life than you, a student for example. You are lucky if you have your basic needs met. You are lucky if you have someone to help you. Not everyone does.

Some people do not have their safety, food and shelter needs met. It is all good to consume and keep up with the Jone’s, but please give when you can help too.

I asked for help this week. I’ve done it before, when I was a student living in Melbourne, and I would do it again. There is no shame in asking for the human community to support you in some way until you are back in the game, and able to hunt for yourself.

Next time someone asks for help. Please think about helping. Instead of making it about you (and how you would never stoop so low). Please just realise that it takes a lot of courage to ask for help.

And remember, you are the divine being who makes the grass greener… and so is the person who needs your help.

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