“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs


For too long you’ve been playing small. For too long you’ve been ignoring your calling. You know what you’re here to do. Perhaps you saw it in a vision. Perhaps you’ve had the feeling, all your life, that you were born for so much more than the life you are currently living.


You know you have been collecting information as a way of procrastinating. You know you’ve been polishing as a way of not publishing. You know you’ve got this story inside of you that could change the world but you’re too afraid to let it out.


So in the safety of your home you sing, you write, you art, but you wouldn’t dare show the world what’s inside of you. You allow fear of what someone might say, to stop you from doing what you darn well know you were put on this Earth to do.


You are a lightworker and you were born to change the world. You’ve heard the call but you keep going back to sleep. Hitting snooze. ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ is the phrase that becomes the groundhog day of your existence.


You were born to be a light warrior. A revolutionary. A leader and a Teacher of the Light. You know how to follow the guidance of your soul. The goddess guides you and you are a priestess on the path with the heart of a light warrior.


The time to battle is now. The battle is an inner battle and the adversary is the inner critic who stops you from shining bright and impacting the world, in the way only YOU are meant to illuminate.

It’s time to train for the biggest battle of your life, because your soul is waiting for you to step into the role you were born to play.


Don’t die with your light inside you. Your flame matters to someone out there. Someone is waiting listening for your voice to awaken them.

Speak. Dare. Rise. Leap.

Your tribe is waiting for you.



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