Messages of the Light – Aquarius January 20 – February 2018

//Messages of the Light – Aquarius January 20 – February 2018

Messages of the Light – Aquarius January 20 – February 2018

January 20, 2018

“You can’t hide from inner shit. Nope. You can’t sleep it off. You can’t surgically remove it. You can’t eat/buy/wish/exercise it away. You have to turn towards it and embrace it. Look into its eyes. Be patient & so freaking tender. Then get intimate with it until it shows you another way, a different you.” – Thug Unicorn by Tanya Markul

I am calling in people who are aligned with my core spiritual beliefs and values – Love. Encourage. Courage (tune in and do the work your soul came here to do). Trust in the Universe.

What is love? Love is compassion. Empathy. Non-judgement. Respect. Being with. Non-agenda. Open-hearted. Open-minded.

In the past, I have written my story and Truth, and had comments from people who wanted to push their agenda, rather than simply listen to my Truth (which is all I can ever share). This stopped me from writing for a while.

I want to give people permission to unfollow me now if my spiritual, esoteric, indigenous, environmentalist worldview is too far gone from their own. I am not writing to debate, I am not a politician. I am a Truth seeker and my own subjective Truth speaker.

I write from my heart, to inspire and encourage people to believe in light magic, and to become the being they were born to be. For a long time, I was silenced by haters and was afraid to speak my Truth (mostly because it does not align with the dominant worldview). I was liberated when I realised that I get to decide. I get to release the hold that fear has on me. And I get to do the ONE THING I am called to do: write (and speak) MY TRUTH.

This courageous version of me always existed, and she always believed in herself. She is not new. However, she did disown her (culturally) shamed ‘courageous self-confidence’, pushing it into the shadows, and for a time forgot who she was.

I get to ask for people in my life who will rise with me – or at least not pull me down.

Me leading from the front is always and only to inspire others to have courage to tell their own story and speak their own Truth. When I write, I invite you to swim in my pool and experience my world and my story, to see with my eyes, and feel with my heart. I am not asking you to get into my pool, tell me what you don’t like about me, try to teach me, or try to change me.

In regards to my clients, I come to each person with the philosophy ‘I know nothing’. This is the first thing a counsellor is taught. You are never an expert on anyone else, you can only ever be an expert at ‘being with’ someone, holding their hand until they realise they are never alone. As a coach/therapist I want to learn everything about you. Your story. Your passions. What you believe. Your dreams. What’s holding you back? Your sorrows. Your victories.

But as a writer, I write for me. Because I don’t want to die with my message inside of me. Because I hope my message helps someone rise another day.

I don’t want debates about what I write. If I could turn off commenting I would. You either follow me because you resonate with what I write, or you don’t. Listen without feeling the need to advise.

I will not be silenced.

I want to call in my tribe, the people who have been waiting to hear me speak. A tribe who think the way I do but have been too afraid to come out. I may be a little further along the path of speaking my truth, but this does not mean we are not in alignment. Nor does not make me ‘better’. I am just putting it out there to the world, who I am, and what I feel called to say, speaking my Truth and living authentically as me.

What does this mean for you?

You get to decide who you are, what your story is, and you get to write the ending. You get to give yourself permission to be you.

To speak your truth. To live in alignment with your beliefs and values and to spend your time with people who bring you up, not down.

You always have, and you always had, a choice.

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


January 22, 2018

“If you had the opportunity to convey a message to the world, what would your message be?”

You are more powerful than you have been led to believe.

You are a magician, literally able to change your thoughts and beliefs, and change your reality.

You are connected to everyone and everything. The world is made up of energy and vibrations, and you are either playing a low note, or a high note. Where on the spectrum are you at this point in time? Do you realise if you are feeling low energy and low vibe, you have the power to change this?

Do you realise that your vibe attracts your tribe? Have you experienced walking into a room and feeling someone’s energy, and it bringing you down? It feels yuk doesn’t it! But you also have the ability, if you take care of your own mind garden, to not be affected by their energy.

Do you know that you have the power to raise someone else’s vibe? It’s called resonance. It is about energetically connecting to someone else and then raising your energy. It’s like tuning a guitar.

Do you know that what you believe about the world and ‘who you are’, is fundamental to you beginning to realise your power and potential.

You can walk over fire.

You can heal your body from disease.

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


January 23, 2018

“The gold you see in me is the gold you must mine in you.”

What has inspired you from the beginning of your journey? What have your interests always been?

For me it is teaching and dispersing information of value.

When I started online learning, I followed Mindvalley, The Shift Network, and various online summits.  Then Hay House, then other various mentors who taught, or had schools.

One thing that held me back in 2017 was waiting for a mentor to ‘pick me’ or give me permission to teach in their school.

In my brief career as a primary school teacher I spent one (soul-destroying) summer going to 30 job interviews, and wishing for a contract in an industry flooded with teachers. I never got picked. I realised that just like back then, I was waiting for permission to start teaching (and re-experiencing the rejection of not being picked).

All I ever wanted to do was make a difference.

During my brief career as a relief teacher, I did not enjoy seeing kids for six hours and teaching them pre-prepared lessons. I felt like a robot (an un-liked and unwanted one) doing something that I didn’t want to do, for the lure of money.

In my dream life, I was creating engaging lessons that would impact my students, and making the learning fun! I am proud of the science module I taught in my practicum and the words of thanks I got from those students. I am proud of the filmmaking skills I taught in the after school program for disengaged kids. These are the moments that stand out in my short-lived professional teaching career.

It hit me one day while watching a woman teach online, that if I could teach science (something I had little passion for) to grade 6’s and make it awesome, why was I holding myself back from teaching the stuff I am ever so passionate about, the stuff I was born to teach?

I remember my year 12 politics teacher (whose passion for politics ignited my own), because he made me see the value of loving what you teach.

When I put my hand up and said ‘I’m ready to teach’ in some online schools, no-one wanted me. I got a big fat ‘this is an exclusive club’ (who are you?), door slammed in my face.

This triggered a memory of those competitive school environments I had trained in, where the team teachers would work together normally, but when a relief teacher came, they would shut the open-learning classroom door, and they would make it clear their philosophy, ‘each to their own’. What did this teach the kids? Scarcity. Competition. Mean-girls. No wonder the kids were like they were, they were told one thing and modelled another.

Even back then, I prayed for a cooperative teaching environment to end up in. A place we could all just help one another and not be in competition for our jobs. My notion that teachers are perfect was smashed and I knew this was because of the competitive environment that the relationships did not thrive.

I think of the ‘about me’ of my website, where I claim what I have always known, “I was born a fairy for a reason, I was born to start a fairy school and teach fairies to fly and be proud of their fairy wings” (or something like that). I cried poor me to the Universe when I never ‘got picked’, but I had always stated that I would be the principal! I had not written ‘I was born to teach for the king (or the queen) of the fairies’, so why was I looking for a king (or a queen) to grant me permission to share my message with the world? Why did I need someone I admire and to see the value that I knew was within me (insert worthiness here)?

Then I had a revelation-

We all know the irony that when we stop looking for love, love falls in our lap. When we are finally happy on our own, our soulmate partner appears. Why did I think it was any different in business? I needed to stop waiting to be chosen and chose myself. I needed to be happy doing my thing, writing and teaching what I was born to write and teach, for no external reward, for no-one but myself. And then I’d be flying. Then I could teach the fairies to fly.

As a teacher I never wanted to pretend I had ALL the knowledge. When I started my Facebook group ‘Spiritual Lightworkers of the World’ my biggest resistance was to the responsibility that I would have, to come up with all the content. When I released the need for it all to be about me and my teachings (egoic much?), it flowed and the content to be shared, came to me with ease. When I released the need to be the expert and I just shared all of the best spiritual teachings I came across with my tribe, it became easy, and even fun. I was a spiritual DJ playing all the good tunes instead of having to be the producer with one or two great tracks in every sixteen (though some artists who work from their higher purpose have no bad tracks and that is the kind of writer I aspire to be).

How does my story help you?

Where are you seeking permission from someone you admire to shine? Stop. Give yourself permission to see your own light.

Where are you living in a scarcity mindset and creating an environment of competition rather than cooperation. Remember, “a rising tide lifts all boats”, says Sage Lavine.

Where can you let go of the need to pretend you came up with all the knowledge? Most ideas have been had, but not all stories have been told. Have you told yours yet?

My dream world is a world in which we all just share the best of the best Teachings of the Light with each other. We all have our basic needs met so that we can all thrive (and not create these competitive environments).

I believe in myself and in my dreams, but do you believe in your own power and potential?

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


January 25, 2018

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower” – Alexander Den Heijer

Watch the flower grow.

When you have a goal you set an intention and plant a seed.

You don’t worry about how the flower grows, but it certainly helps to water it daily (take daily action towards your goal).

If you track the daily growth then you can adjust (what you can control – obviously not the sunlight) accordingly. Does it need more/less water? Does it need some nutrients? Is it in the right place in the garden?

If you just set the goal then go away (what most people do) for a holiday for two months hoping that it has survived, you may find it struggling, or worse, dead.

This is why we track our goals (watch the flowers grow).

Did you set a new year’s resolution? Are you tracking the growth of the intention set? Do you take daily action to reach that goal? Do you know how much that seed has grown (or maybe shrunk in the case of weight loss)?

Or, did you set an intention and then go on holidays, hoping your seed will flower with luck?

If you want to see changes you’ve got to get your head out of the sand. You’ve got to FOCUS on that goal, which means to keep it in the forefront of your mind (set daily alarm reminders of your goals if need be). You’ve got to take daily action and review that action.

By facing the reality of what is, you make space for what you want.

By making the things you do unconsciously, conscious, you get to choose.

If your unconscious actions are sabotaging the goals you have, bring light to them. This is shadow work. Something you’ve pushed into the shadows (overeating perhaps) can only be stopped when you consciously choose to see the action you are choosing, and make a better choice. How do you make a better choice? Tracking. Tracking is keeping your eyes on the target. Tracking is keeping yourself accountable to your goal. Tracking is not just wishing it is watching.

If you set intentions for 2018, and you’ve got back onto old routines and patterns that do not serve your growth, then now is the time pull your head out the sand.

We have just hit the second star sign of the year, Aquarius. Aquarius is about visioning and calling in the future you. Now is time for you stay true to your goals and vision and water that flower, daily. Become the person who gives love to her visions daily.

A flower may grow by magic if all the right conditions are met by lady luck. But if you’re like me, you can’t rely on lady luck to change your life. You need to show lady luck that you deserve that big (or small) goal of yours.

When you work for something find a way to enjoy the ‘work’. Enjoy the process and enjoy the journey. All parts of growth are beautiful.

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


January 27, 2018

What ANT magic can teach you (besides to clean up the kitchen better)!

We had a massive ant influx in the kitchen this morning. I left the dishes and the benches imperfect last night and the ants took advantage! (I confess spiritual entrepreneur #1 priorities are not the kitchen)!

I have a spray I made of essential oils like pepper, lemongrass, peppermint and citronella that bugs do not like (it is a great a natural mosquito repellent too). So I sprayed around the benches and they shifted from these places. I told my son, ‘I don’t want to kill them, I just need to clean up properly, so they won’t have a reason to come back.’

I remember coming inside last night with a few ants on me, thinking to myself, ‘they’ll live a good life with all the crumbs my children drop in our home’! These clever ants must have realised they had found a gold mine and went straight back to their nest to tell their friends. See, they are wired to not be selfish. They are hard-wired to help their tribe.

Lo and behold, this morning, my kids screaming in joy, and following the line of ants, “look mum, this ant is on his own”. Teaching moment. “This ant is a scout, he has separated from the tribe and is looking for more food for them. When he finds it he will let them know and they will all come to help him collect it and take it back to the nest,” I say.

I don’t know how they decide who will be the brave explorers who go forth and leave the production line. But ant magic has something to teach us about resourcefulness. We can either follow the tribe, or we can go out on our own. It may look like we’ve abandoned the tribe or are trying to get out of the real work that needs to be done, the heavy lifting. But society needs the ants who are searching for new and better resources for their community. These ants are not as selfish as they may at first seem. They are not looking for the jackpot to live a good life on their own. They are doing everything they do, for their community. So that everyone in their tribe has everything they need.

Ants teach us the true meaning of community and working together, or individually, for the greater good. They teach us about working together, but also about being brave and going out on your own.

Ant magic might be a sign from the Universe that it is time to break away from the tribe and do something different, perhaps start your own business. It might be a message to stay focused on your path, even if it may seem to others (who are doing the heavy lifting) that you are being selfish. Tune in to what this message means for you today. Maybe you are happy being a part of the tribe, and doing your part. But maybe, just maybe, the explorer in you wants to chart new territory, and go on the hero’s journey adventure for your tribe.

I went outside to get a peach from the tree, in gratitude of the gifts we receive from mother nature and checked the pool. Swimming in it, was a lone ant, trying to get onto a leaf to survive. These creatures are smart and have consciousness I tell you! I picked him up, and his leaf, and put him on the grass, saving him from drowning. That is what I want to teach my children. If you can do something to help another being, do it. We don’t have to always hurt the things we don’t want in our lives (or pools). We can choose to learn from them. We can choose to help another in their time of need.

After all, we are all on this planet together.

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


January 28, 2018

“You have to meet people where they are, and sometimes you have to leave them there.” – Iyanla Vanzant

What to do after you’ve been a ‘doormat’ in a relationship.

Recently I’ve been thinking about a previous relationship in which I was a doormat. I didn’t know (or ask for) what I wanted. He didn’t love me or respect me, but I begged for him to stay. I had so little self-respect I would do anything to keep him. Then he cheated on me. That was my boundary. You could treat me like a doormat, but cheating, that was not acceptable!

I know a high percentage of people have been in an abusive relationship. This means a high percentage of people have been a doormat. This is a nice way of saying that they have allowed someone to wipe crap on them. I’m speaking from experience (no judgement here) and when I was finally out of that relationship, I made a pact with myself that I would never let someone wipe shit on me again.

The next relationship I got in was a test from the Universe. I passed. I cared about this one, we had so much fun, but then something changed. A wee lie was told and I had a choice to make. I let him go with love. I knew where that path would lead.

It hurt. Boy did it hurt. But you know what else? It felt really good, for the first time in my life to have clear boundaries for how I expected others to treat me (like a Queen) and to not allow anyone to cross them. It felt good to feel strong in myself, and proud of myself, that I would not take or hold your shit.

Now it’s normal when you are younger to play the boundary game.  My kids do it all the time (let’s see how far we can push mum today)! In first relationships (if that is what we’ve learned), then it serves as a good learning experience too. But as we mature the idea of encroaching on someone’s land in order to take their lawns and their house, and eventually their bed seems a little immature. But that is basically what a dysfunctional relationship is. The loser sleeps on the floor.

If someone is still doing this as an adult, they are probably unconscious of it. If I were you, I’d call them out on it. “Excuse me but this is my land, my house and my bed, what the fuck is so wrong with your own, that you feel you have the right to take over mine?” When you tell someone you are conscious of their games and you refuse to play, magic happens.

Mostly for you. Even though their behavior is not about you. It never was. There is something deep they don’t want to face if they are trying to reside elsewhere (but that is not your problem to fix). If you stand strong in yourself and what you expect, you will give off an energy of “don’t even try” and people will start to respect your self-respect.

If you keep attracting the same ‘type’, then maybe you have some underlying beliefs that are not serving you. Perhaps ‘all men are dogs’ is the unconscious program running? You will continue to bring yourself these experiences until you start to really believe that there are genuinely beautiful and awakened men out there.

When you do the inner work. When you stop being desperate for another half to make you whole. When you focus on what you want (rather than on what you’ve had), I promise you, you will attract to yourself who you are.

When two people who have strong boundaries come together, none of these domination games exist. There is a mutual respect. Speaking up when you don’t like the way they spoke to you. A recognition by the person who acted momentarily in old programming, that they shouldn’t have spoken to you that way. And happy days.

Now isn’t that a dream worth fighting for?

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


January 29, 2018

“The magic will happen when you stop listening to the negative voices in your head and start believing in yourself”.

How to be a super mum/achiever when you don’t like structure.

P.S. This advice is for everyone but especially for business owners and for people who do not allocate enough time for their self-care (busy mums this one is for you).

I don’t know about you but I fight against structure. The idea that every day, I do this at this time, and that at that time does not bode well with me. I like my days to be free and flowing, so that I can do what I feel like doing, and respond to my inspiration.

This used to work against me in terms of business because I was so free I had no hard and fast rules for making sure I got the imperative things on my list done everyday.

Lately I’ve made room for the belief that I am free to do all the things I want to do, including grow my business, and that I get to do it my way (unstructured). I get to tune into what I feel like doing… and very often it is something on my imperative list.

I’ve got two lists, important, and imperative. The only rule I’ve made for myself (and I don’t like rules because I’m a rule-breaker, not a rule-maker) in my business, is to get three imperative things done each day, and three important things done (because let’s face it the important things are very often the tasks we put off.

If you are a mum, and all you do is ‘mum’ (and this is getting you down), then I suggest that you add 3 daily self-care tasks to your imperative list. Things like read a chapter, have a bath, dance to your favourite song, meditate, yoga, pull some oracle cards, call a friend or a family member… Whatever the things are that raise your vibe and light you up!

Then, I’d ask that all the important things you need to do (like dishes, washing or cooking) do not come at the expense of your self-care or business priorities. No one is going to give you permission to put your own life jacket on before putting on your families. Make sure that you put the things that make you a better person and a happier you, on the top of your list.

When you value yourself and your needs as a priority (whether it be sanity or business goals), then all else runs more smoothly.

With any goals that you have made a daily imperative, make sure that you tune into the big picture ‘why’, before you do the task. A quick two minute visualisation (of the end result) will help you value the importance of doing the thing, and make you actually want to do it. The secret of flow is wanting to do the things you really want to do and not resisting them.

Also, tune into any resistance and get to know it intimately. Some journal prompts to help you are, what is the belief behind this resistance that is stopping me from moving forwards? What do I need to think and how do I need to show up to be the person/ mum/ boss-babe that I truly want to be?

The days will either slip away and you will end up wondering what happened, or you will set intentions each day and make space for the things that are important to you. You get to choose.

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


January 31, 2018

“It is spiritual poverty, not material lack that lies at the core of all human suffering.”

What are you struggling with? It is okay to ask for help. In fact, if you’ve been giving a little too much (energetically or otherwise), maybe it’s time you did a little receiving?

I nearly didn’t post this blog. I tuned into why I am feeling fearful of sharing what I am being called to share today. Firstly, because people who warn you against starting a business will love this, they’ll say, “see this is why working for the man works” (but surely no-one expects someone in the start-up phase of a business to be turning a massive profit?)”. Anyway, I decided to post it, because it is the truth, and I value being real. Secondly, it may help someone who needs help, ask for the help they need. Thirdly, if you are doing okay, it might encourage you to give more, or help more than you currently are.

Question – Why do online business entrepreneurs, all pretend they are financially free? Hint- they can’t all be millionaires (although some genuinely are). Answer – They sell the result that they can give you, they sell you the ups not the downs.

I want to explain the reality of a start-up to help you understand the first phase of any new business venture. Some of the things that go into starting a new business are the research, training, mentoring, coaching, the vision, the business plan (the roadmap), the expenses (legal advice, licences, website design and development to name a few) and the profit forecast. It takes time (and money) to learn, and for you to grow your vision into something that is a fit for you (every idea evolves). If you put in your own capital (like I do) then your start-up costs will be higher and you may run at a loss for the first year or two. This is the reality of the average business. There is a steep learning curve. If a lawnmower business wasn’t turning a profit in the first few years, you wouldn’t look down on him as a lesser lawnmower man. And he wouldn’t need to pretend to be a millionaire for you to want to hire him.

So here is the part of the story that I didn’t want to share maybe I added all the above hoping you won’t read this far!

Today I hit rock bottom. I am grateful because I needed this good hard look at my reality in the mirror. I needed this for me to choose differently (that this will not happen again… savings account opened, and I will pay myself first)! Beyond the initial embarrassment of sharing this story with you, I am grateful for what happened today. I needed to overhaul my money mindset and allow myself to start receiving for my gifts. Tuning into my heart chakra recently I had the vision that I am good with the giving, but I struggle with the receiving.

Anyway, here goes nothing –

This morning I dropped Aston at Kindy and I saw they had bread at the front desk. I asked about services where I could get a food voucher, or some food just to get us through the week.

We had an unexpected non-negotiable bill that left us with no food money this week. Telling my story to the lady who gave me a box of food and a voucher for the food bank made me break down crying. The shame of being in this position (where I have no savings for an unforeseen bill that has stretched my budget to breaking point). The shame of asking a stranger for help!

I do take full responsibility for my circumstances. I put myself in this position. I organised a work placement in Melbourne that is costing me a lot (but it is a total investment in my business/vision). I am finishing the final practicum component to get my transpersonal counselling qualification done. I am getting the occasional coaching client, and really loving the shifts they are having working with me (my soul is happy).

I’m pretty good at budgeting and had the next few months expenses mapped out, and it all looked good, until this unexpected bill arrived. To pay this bill meant something had to go, and the only thing I could cut was our food.

The people at the food bank were lovely. I was so very grateful for their time, volunteering and kindness. Not having enough to make ends meet could happen to anyone. No one likes to have to rely on other people to help them, but sometimes we all need help (financially/emotionally/otherwise). One thing I know for sure is that when basic needs are not met, one cannot thrive.

I am so grateful for this food that will get us through the week, and as I walked out, I vowed to myself that when my business grows and I am making a profit, I will bring food, to help others in need.

The start-up phase of starting a soul aligned business can have ups and downs, but it is totally worth it. Haters will tell you to get a real job, or that you are a bludger.

I spoke to another mum last night who drops her 4 year old to childcare at 8 in the morning and picks him up at 6. She is not an Australian citizen so she must work to make ends meet. She feels guilty about the long hours he is in care. She said it must be nice to work from home but I told her I have the same mum-guilt when I am working on my business at home, instead of playing with the kids.

My goal is to build my passion based business up to a point where I can support my family, the greater community, and organisations like Amnesty International who are making a difference in the world. One benefit of having a business over a wage, is that a wage may not go up, but a business profit can, and quickly. There are many other benefits, but that is a blog for another day. My point is, that I have decided that the business model is for me, and that nothing is going to stop me, not even having to ask for food vouchers at the food bank. I know it will not be this way forever.

I have decided that I get to live my life on my my terms: having an impact with my message and receiving income from the mentoring and teaching I do.

I know that the first few years of business will be ‘an adventure’, but I am determined (and stubborn – the Taurus moon in me) to keep going no matter what. If that means I have to accept food from strangers, then so be it. I’m probably owed a little receiving from the Universe anyway (I’ve given a fair few people in need free inner-divinity coaching sessions).

We have gone from a society that tithes, to a society where many struggle to make ends meet. If you are doing better than the average person, I hope you don’t have the mindset that they are bludgers. You don’t know what struggles (or breakthroughs) they are going through. I believe in reincarnation, not because I have seen studies on children who remember their past-lives, but because of my own past life regression experiences, so you’d better have compassion! You’d better love the person you judge, or you might come back with their story! I hope you don’t begrudge a portion of your tax going to help others, who are in a different stage of their business/life than you (a student for example). You are lucky if you have your basic needs met. You are lucky if you have someone, or an organisation, to help you. Not everyone does.

Some people do not have their safety, food and hygiene needs met. It is all good to consume and keep up with the Jones, but please give where you can too, to help.

I asked for help this week. I’ve done it before (when I was a student living in Melbourne) and I would do it again. There is no shame in asking for the human community to support you in some way until you are back in the game, and able to hunt yourself.

Next time someone asks for help. Please think about helping. Instead of making it about you (and how you would never stoop so low), please just realise it takes a lot of courage to ask for help.

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


February 1, 2018

“In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete. I accept health as the natural state of my being. I now consciously release any mental patterns within me that could express as dis-ease in any way. I love and approve of myself. I love and approve of my body. I feed it nourishing foods and beverages. I exercise it in ways that are fun. I recognize my body as a wondrous and magnificent machine. I feel privileged to live in it. I love lots of energy. All is well in my world.”

February 2, 2018

“The natural state of sisterhood is yarnin not bitchin.”

Yesterday saw massive personal growth for me, divine insights and facing into the shadows of my soul – bringing light to my pain and sadness, so that I could heal. I faced some unconscious desires that were causing me to energetically act like a desperate schoolgirl trying to get the hot guy. Except it wasn’t the guy I was desperate for, it was sisterhood.

As a human it is natural to want to be a part of the tribe. In this global society we see groups of girls and we may feel so much like them, but be apart from them, looking from the outside in. If we like a group of girls and we want to be a part of that group, and to be accepted/seen by that group, non-acceptance can lead to feelings of rejection and non-worthiness. When we don’t view ourselves as different from them, but we feel like we are not valued/seen by them, it doesn’t feel good. But worthiness doesn’t come from being accepted or seen by a certain group or person, now does it?! Worthiness is an inner state, that I believe at its core comes from doing the inner and outer work that our souls came here to do. You are worthy of this life because you are here.

I’ve been in the online entrepreneur space for a few years. I see people who are further down the path than me, who have their ‘sisters’, and I long for this. I don’t need it, but I do desire it. I am not going to berate myself for desiring this, longing for group connection is normal, we are not meant to be isolated as people. I have an unapologetic indigenous worldview.

Perhaps, it comes down to my sadness about the current reality of the world, and my deep desire to transform it. No wonder some people believe that they, or we, are aliens! That is how they can justify what humans have done to the Earth, and to each other. But we must not blame it on aliens or on others, we must accept responsibility for our part in it, if we are to turn things around.

I want a tribe who mastermind and help each other rise, for the good of society. I want soul-driven ‘besties’ who are on the same spiritual entrepreneur journey that I am on, who want to change the world and the only thing that will stop them, is death (even death probably won’t stop them, they’ll just come back as spirit guides to the revolutionaries lol).

I dream of a world where sisters and brothers encourage each other to grow and become the Earth guides they were born to be (our true role is elders, not pedos). I admire a model of community and cooperation, not competitive one-upping each other, and scarcity thinking.

When I find my sisterhood, other sisters will naturally want what I have. I will be stirring up the same longing in others, who also long for community connection (we all do at our core). I know as a trailblazer I was born to facilitate gatherings, to get to know my soul brothers and sisters deeply: but ultimately many will have to find their own soul groupings and grow together.

That is why I am learning to facilitate sacred circles next week. I long to bring disconnected sisters together. I long for the tribe who has been separated by the locked door and the screen, to come together and have the experience of sisterhood in a safe, loving, accepting container (without competition or judgement). This is the best way to heal our sister wounds and build the bonds we long to have.

In these sacred spaces, we bond and we heal and we meet sisters who we resonate with. I experienced this last year during our transpersonal counselling course, because we did so much therapy on each other, we got close. When I was down in the dumps yesterday, feeling sorry for myself because I was looking at some tightly formed sister groups and wishing I was a part of them, two of my own sisters reached out. We sometimes don’t value what we have got right in front of us! Thank you Universe for my transpersonal sisters!

However, I am unique in that I’ve got big goals and plans and passion and drive and I know I was born to do more and be more in this lifetime. This awakened spiritual entrepreneur wants the same sort of driven soul-sisters in her tribe, who can keep up with her pace, and inspire her to be even better (we rise to level of those we are surrounded with). And the reality is, the sort of people she wants in her tribe are the top spiritual revolutionaries in the world (for bigger impact)!

Yesterday I realised I was getting down on myself because I saw my tribes ‘out there’ but mine had not yet come into my reality. But I Trust that it will. And I know it will happen when the time is right. When I begin facilitating sister circles, my sisters will gather and we will guide and initiate the newcomers into the ways of the sisterhood, collaboration, sharing, witnessing, transformation, inner-alchemy, and being the change.

I know I don’t need to be ‘chosen’ as a friend by the people who I admire, to be worthy. After all, they are just a reflection of the light that is inside of me. Old programming is being faded from my shadows. The mean-girl paradigm is a social construction to keep sisters apart and in competition. And again, I am faced with the reality that maybe I was not born to join a group, maybe I was born to start one! A worldwide society for the dreamers and the spiritual revolutionaries of the world!

The future of the world is the growth of men and women retreats and workshops, where brothers and sisters will come together to connect and heal. We may be disconnected during the week, but we will plug into tribes on the weekend. Women will bring their children and the children will see a model of friendship that counters what they are taught in the media. Men will take their sons and teach them how to be a man of substance.

This is the vision that I have for the world. Join me or watch me. Either way, I will forge forward on my path and my destiny and do/say the things that I am being called (divinely inspired), to do.

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


February 2, 2018

“A dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that is not opened.”

February 3, 2018

I Trust in the signs that I receive from the Universe, always.

Today during my daily Light Manifesting Ritual (website freebie) I had a vision of the forest burning down, a clear sign of releasing (with love and gratitude) and letting go of all that is out of alignment with my souls’ mission.

When the forest burns, it is nature renewing itself, and gifts aplenty are to be found.

Dear Universe why have you given me this vision today? As always the intuition answers – ‘to shift you into greater alignment on your soul’s path you must clear out the old’. Then, a Xavier Rudd song came into my thoughts, never randomly. A message from my soul – ‘there are better people with more good to do’, and that is the direction I am to go in.

I walked into the lounge and my nephew was holding my Isis Oracle cards booklet. Another sign. I had wondered where that booklet was, waiting to be found when I needed it most! I opened the tiny book and there was a card stuck in a page: Orisis – a reminder that I must have a proper releasing ritual and burial for the old, before I could bring in the new.

I know what this is about. I am ready to be grateful for the air that those trees have given me, but I am also ready to burn those trees down, to bring in the new growth forest.

I make way for the trees that see my soul. And so the story begins…

Once upon a time there was a fairy in a city, who kept forgetting that she was a fairy. She had been wearing the mask of a princess for so long, that she kept forgetting she was born with wings.

One day she left the village and went into the forbidden forest. Hungry, she ate a mushroom, and drank from a lake. In the lake, she caught her reflection and for the first time ever, saw that she had wings.

The mushroom was showing her, that she was not the princess she thought she was, she was a fairy and she was born to fly.

When she got back to the village she saw wings on all the people, but they could not see them themselves, because they had not eaten the mushrooms.

She knew she must go back to the forest and find more mushrooms, to feed to all the princesses, who didn’t know they were fairies.

On the road she was lured down a path by a queen who was dressed in disguise, as a fairy. She started flashing jewels and pretty dresses, and handed her some.

She heard the fairies of the forest, calling her through the leaves of the trees, but the jewels put her under a spell and she fell into a deep daydream, watching princesses dancing, and wishing she was dancing with them.

When she awoke from the spell and the dream that had been implanted by the Queen, she heard the fairies singing, and for a short moment, she remembered why she was there, and what she had come to do.

The sound of the trees got louder… “You are not a princess or a Queen. You are a High Priestess and a forest dwelling fairy.”

She looked at the queen dressed as a fairy and she saw into her soul. Her mask dissolved with her wings. “I will not be swayed from my path”, the high priestess thundered, throwing the jewels onto the ground as if they were meaningless dirt. Much less meaningless than the task she had come here to do.

In that moment she set her past alight. The dresses, the fond memories of fairy school, all of it. That was the past. As it burned to the ground, a big and giant mushroom grew up from the Earth. This mushroom would feed all the villagers. She thanked the Earth and she thanked the forest fairies and she even thanked the Queen.

To be continued…

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


February 4, 2018

“Something wonderful and magical is about to happen. Are you ready?”

Are you allowing yourself to receive abundance, and answers, from the Universe?

Today I had a transpersonal process done on me, which I love (I use this with my clients all the time).

In it, I wanted to explore how I could receive more from the Universe (I’ve mastered the giving, but am not so good with the receiving).

Specifically, I want to bring in more spiritually aligned soul-sisters, and abundance for sharing my gifts with the world.

The answers I received from my higher-self/spirit guides will help you too, so I am going to share them with you.

I was in a forest, one of my favourite forests, Sherbrook Forest, where I have many happy memories. I was on the walking track, and when I asked ‘how can I receive more from the Universe for my giving’, I was given a vision of the sunlight shining through the trees. Only small beams poked through the trees, but I intuitively knew that I must go to the sunlight, and bask in the warmth. I felt complete, and in gratitude, for the small pockets of sunlight shining through the trees.

I was receiving the first part of the answer I was seeking – I could seek out and enjoy the sunlight and warmth any time I wanted, by being in gratitude for the little things, the friends I have now, the money I receive in my business today. It didn’t matter how little sunlight was coming through the trees, I needed to see it and be in grateful for it.

I was really appreciating the sunlight (there was nothing missing, I felt complete), when suddenly I remembered ahead where the trail just opens out and an enormous amount of sunlight shines through. I was being told that when I am in complete gratitude for the small things, it will open the path to the larger things.

I was laying in this open space, soaking in, and fully appreciating the warm sunlight, when a wombat walked by slowly across the trail. I was in awe of this slow but content marsupial. I remembered thinking, it doesn’t get better than this. Enjoying the now. Enjoying the gifts of the forest.

Then a group of fairies came flying, playfully around me. I asked my question, again, this time to the fairies. They all blew dandelions into my face, playfully, like duh it’s easy, make a wish! Ask!

Finally I was flying through the forest playfully like Bella in Twilight when she first realises she can navigate the trees. I felt utter joy and freedom.

So, how do these messages I received during my transpersonal process help you?

  1. If you want more of anything (soul aligned friends, money etc.), then be in complete gratitude for all that you have NOW (even and especially if it is not much). This will open up the pathway for more to come.
  2. To receive more you need to ASK! You need to state your wishes! Frequently. Blow them into the Universe and Trust that they will land and grow where they are supposed to land and grow.
  3. When you realise your power and potential, and when it is fun and in flow, you will be able to fly with ease.

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


February 5, 2018

“Be around the light bringers, the magic makers, the world shifters, the game shakers. They challenge you, break you open, uplift + expand you. They don’t let you play small with your life. These heartbeats are your people. These people are your tribe.”

There is magic to be found when you look for it.

Do you find yourself feeling angry when someone is late? Thinking, ‘how rude’, as Stephanie from Full(er) House would say. As if their lateness is somehow meant to hurt you, rather than serve you. When you see an obstacle with curious eyes, as something that is ‘meant to happen’, then you allow the magic of the Universe to flow.

Do you feel yourself feeling frustrated in traffic? Noticing the slow drivers or worrying about being late? When you allow yourself to Trust in the Universe, then the need to dwell on the external things that are ‘out to ruin your day’, dissolve. When you know that you cannot control the external but you become a master of the internal, magic happens.

Did you know, that you get to choose what matters? You can go with the flow of the traffic and use the time to do something you love, like listen to music, or listen to a podcast, or you can spend the drive getting angry, just because you haven’t decided on something better to do.

The other day, I made the right decision, and as always, the Universe had my back. In fact, it wasn’t even a conscious decision, it has simply become my mode of operation to know that ‘everything always works out perfectly’, as Esther Hicks would say.

I had an appointment booked in a room at the library the other day. I arrived on time, but my client was late. As soon as she was late, I saw it as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience.

On the drive there, I had been listening to a podcast and it triggered me to ask (and Trust that in the asking it is given), ‘I’d like to learn more about that’. A quick search in this pocket of time that magically opened for me, helped me find half a dozen resources to bring home.

I borrowed the books. Then my client arrived. Perfect timing. It always is. When you decide to give up the struggle and Trust in the Universe… it all just is… perfect!

I began reading one of those books today, and it is a bonafide game changer! I became ever so grateful for the untardiness of my client… Ever so grateful. Divine intervention at its finest.

How are you blocking the flow of the gifts and the messages that the Universe has for you?

Are you too busy focusing on what isn’t, to notice what is?

Do you tune in to the magic or do you tune out?

The magic isn’t for the special few. The magic is for you.

Are you ready to tune in and hear the guidance that is waiting for you?

Are you ready to shift gears into full on Trust. No matter what. No matter how. No matter when! Are you ready to find the gem in the dirt that you think you have been handed? Better still, are you willing to create it? Alchemy baby!

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


February 6, 2018

“Let go and… Trust in the Universe. (It knows what it is doing).”

Now is the time… to let go and let the Universe do its thing, or ‘let go and let God’, as mum would say to me constantly when I was growing up.

I have showed up. I have shared the messages that have come through me (and I will continue to do so because that is what I came here to do).

I have created the teachings that I am being called to teach. I have let people know about my ‘Understand the Healing Messages of Your Dreams’ workshop that I am teaching Live tomorrow in a private Facebook group. I have live streamed and faced the fear I resisted facing for over a year.

Now is time to let go and Trust in the Universe (a value that I chose for myself in my early 20’s) that the people who are meant to be at this workshop, will be there.

Of course I am passionate about what I am teaching. I gave up a stable career path as an actual teacher to Trust in the Universe that I could teach what I am called to teach the world through my books, blogs, online courses and workshops.

This is the beginning of my business launch and the opening of a new chapter, where I get to do the thing I feel called to do in the world.

For years I wanted to be a writer, but I believed I had to write for someone else, what they wanted me to write, to make a livelihood. For years I wanted to be a teacher, but I was waiting for someone to hire me to teach what they asked me to teach. Thankfully no one hired me! Relief teaching was not my jam.

I get to be in gratitude that I never made it as a school teacher because now I get to show up, as a mentor and a coach, and help my clients transform themselves, their beliefs and in doing so, be the change I want to see in the world.

There is so much information about ourselves that is hidden or suppressed in the mainstream, in particular about humans and their healing potential. I feel called to awaken the masses from their slumber like sleeping beauty, not with a kiss, but with knowledge that empowers them.

I feel called to keep doing the inner work and keep facing into my demons and shadows, bringing light to them, to heal them. To become the best version of me in this lifetime.

I don’t know about you, but i do believe that if everyone just improved themselves a tiny bit every day, if everyone was just a little bit kinder, a little bit more giving, showed a little bit more empathy and compassion, the world would become a better place.

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


February 8, 2018

“Ho’oponopono – Please forgive me, I’m so sorry, I love you, Thank you”

Few, if any, people are all ‘love and light’ without having gone through the dark night of the soul.

Just because someone preaches light, it doesn’t mean they haven’t faced the darkness. It doesn’t mean they don’t lean in and do the inner work, the shadow work, when it is required.

Raising the vibe of humanity means owning your own vibe, your own energy and your own actions in the world.

I will not slow down my high vibrational teachings because you are so far out of alignment that you can’t resonate. The aim is to help you see a little further than you saw yesterday. Resonate is a word that means energetic frequency. As a transpersonal counsellor we learn about resonating and how to meet the client where they are at – experiencing ‘being with’ them, in their world. This alone, being with a client, without judgement, is profoundly healing.

In my coaching I do not preach or teach. In my writing, and my Teachings of the Light, however, I will not tone down my soul spoken messages because it is too bright or too real for those of you in the dark. My hope is that you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and have hope that, somehow, some way, there is a path out of the dark night of the soul.

There is. I’ve found it.

After high school I spent over a year in a deep dark depression. I had no faith in the world and I hated who I was. I thought I deserved to be raped by those two guys, because I had been such a shitty person. You name it, I did it. I bullied a girl and made her leave the school (she cut my first deep sister wound and instead of telling her how I felt – hurt, betrayed – I ruined her high school experience). I cheated on my boyfriend, multiple times. I didn’t want to be with him, but I didn’t know how to be alone. I was insecure and had very low confidence and even if I was beautiful/skinny I couldn’t see it because I was always comparing myself to an unrealistic ideal.

Please forgive me. I’m sorry. I love you. Thank you.

But I am grateful for that deep dark hole that I was in. It made me take a good hard look at who I was, and I did not like what I saw. I’m not proud of confessing this, but it is my truth. I made a girl leave high school. I cheated on my boyfriend.

Please forgive me. I’m sorry. I love you. Thank you.

What is the worst thing that you have done? Do you like who you are? Are you ready to face it, so that you can choose again?

We all have reasons why we do the shitty things we do. Especially when we are kids – we don’t understand the reason why we act the way we do. We just have a sense of unfairness or not good enough when we realise we were born of a gender/race/social status seen as less superior than the ‘normal’ cultural construction in the media.

The rape – I was flirting with these guys when we went clubbing. In fact my roommate liked one of them (but I was too self-absorbed/insecure to notice – I craved a man to see me as beautiful because I needed validation).

Please forgive me. I’m sorry. I love you. Thank you.

My roommate (rightly so), left me at the club with these guys (I had a fake i.d., I was only seventeen), and when they dropped me home they thought they would come inside and rape me (because my roommate was hating on me and staying at her mums). Did I deserve it? Hell no. Just because someone is insecure and flirty doesn’t mean they are inviting you into their vagina. They seek your attention, not for you to smash apart their Trust in the world.

Did that incident spark a weed addiction and pretending I was ‘fine’, until one day I lost all of my friends, messed up my final year of high-school, was fired and it all came crashing down? Yes!

Did I finally get therapy after moving interstate (and finally doing the right thing by my boyfriend)? Yes. Was I in a deep dark hole for over a year hardly leaving the house except for when coaxed out by my next door neighbour (my guardian angel) to have coffee? Yes. I was in the darkest of places and even though I knew I didn’t deserve to be raped, I didn’t like who I was as a person/friend leading up to it. That dark period of my life in my teens, made me a better person because I looked at who I was, and decided I needed to be different.

For the longest time I had no faith in the Universe – (why me)? I had no faith in men. How could I have had been so naive? The neighbour (the angel one) – well I kept waiting for him to rape me too.  I didn’t realise it then, but this man’s kindness gave me faith in men again (some of them, I’m not naive). And my therapist gave me hope that there might just be a light at the end of a long dark tunnel.

I grew up fast as a result of my upbringing. I decided earlier than most, who I wanted to be, and who I did not want to be. I learned that drugs were just a band-aid and that I needed to face the trauma head on. I learned that sometimes the worst thing that happens to you can have a silver lining. I learned that depression is a process and you can’t force your way through, but you can be rebirthed on the other side, changed, if you do the soul work. You can’t take drugs (medical or other) to avoid or mask the pain: A lump of pain you carry with you is still a lump of pain you carry, even if you put a blanket over it.

You won’t find the silver lining in the happy mask.

I write this not because I want for your opinion, judgement or pity, but because some of you have been hating on people who choose to be positive and happy. Yes, pretending to be positive and happy when you are not, is fake. I’m sure some people put on a happy mask to be accepted. But most light workers I know have legitimately come out of the darkness and they refuse to go back in, because they have faced the demons. They do the inner, and the outer work. They look after their mind, their body and their soul. They choose to be decent people in the world (or do the best they can with the tools they have), not because they have to, but because they want to make the world a brighter place.

I am literally calling in soul aligned high vibe souls who have done the work and will continue to do the work their soul came here to do. That is a lightwarrior. As Kyle Gray says, a lightworker has heard the call, a lightwarrior is acting to be the change, and including doing the inner work (that is never really done).

Anyone can turn their life around. Anyone can admit their mistakes and make better choices. Anyone can own the shitty things they have done and choose to use their wisdom and compassion to help others, not to make those same mistakes. Anyone can be the rapist, or they can be the neighbour who is there for the girl who desperately needs a friend without ulterior motives – you might be her last hope.

If you are in a dark place. Go and get some help. Face the things about yourself you want to push away. Look at the monster, your monster, under the bed.

Every day the sun rises and you can start fresh. You can be a new person. You can drop the masks and the roles that you play and say, ‘that’s not me anymore’. The people around you will not like it when you change characters half way through the movie. But do it anyway.

I do what I do, helping people go through dark times and spiritual crisis because I believe in the power of the self to heal. Healing is a process the same as when you cut yourself, it does not heal instantly, but it does heal. Allow the process to be gone through. Sit with a person, share a coffee, do no harm (no more harm). I didn’t want to have to tell you this story, but I also don’t want you to think that I am fake preaching love and light and fairies and unicorns and rainbows, pretending to be happy when I am not. It is soul-rewarding to help another in their time of need, a kind of soul satisfaction that money can’t buy. But this is my livelihood so I will ask for the sale and I am okay with that too. You cannot make me feel ashamed of feeling that I am worth an energy exchange. Asking for an exchange in energy is not the devil, it is called give and take. So if you like this post then like my page because I am devoted to writing the messages that come from my heart (even when, like this one, I probably keep writing, because I don’t want to hit post). Resistance, lean into it baby.

Yes I know people have been through worse than me. I also know people have done worse than me. I know Teal Swan was ritualistically abused and tortured in a religious cult and today, she is not stuck in darkness. Every person has a wound to bear. Let’s not play ‘who has the deepest wound’. Let’s play who is making the biggest impact, despite what they’ve done, despite what they’ve been through? These are the people I’m vibing with. I’m not looking down on you, laughing like I am so much better. I’m trying to show you that the divine, and the healing potential, is within you.

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


February 11, 2018

At Priestess Temple School I proclaimed, ‘I am priestess and I am on the spiritual justice path’. My deep why was awakened. To make sure sisters worldwide have the same freedoms I do. A fire was ignited for the love I have for women and sisters worldwide. The need for the healing of our sister wounds. The need for the creating of spaces to bring sisters together, in all their power, in all their glory, in all their divinity – we are one.

So many sisters and brothers sit at home. Feeling alone. Many in the void, or the dark night of the soul. Many feeling like they don’t belong, declaring the craziness of the world. The ‘crazy’ are the sane. You are not alone.

A global awakening has begun. Thanks to the digital age we are being connected and seeing that we are not alone on this path. Those who have separated from the global tribe, those who have been isolated for so long, are meeting online with their soul sisters (and brothers). These soul sisters are meeting in person, sitting in circle, healing the sister wound.

We all long for community. We all long for community that will hold us. Community where we can be our authentic self and be witnessed and held in all our pain, and in all our light.

My vision is for a world where men and women will sit in circle, regularly, coming together in tribe, to help each other heal. Brothers have hurt brothers. Sisters have hurt sisters. Brothers have hurt sisters. And sisters have hurt brothers. We have lost touch with the great archetypes inside of us, available to us all, and we focus on finding happiness without, instead of within.

Happiness is within for the asking. What is my path? What is my purpose? Those who seek the answers will find.

Too often, we allow ourselves to feel the illusion of separation from our brothers and our sisters. Too often, we play a part because it is the done thing, and we don’t want to separate from the tribe. Too often we seek external validations to make us happy, and whole.

The whole person lies within, and the path to be walked is within. We have all heard, ‘be the change’, but what are you doing to be the change? Do you own the mistakes you have made and forgive yourself for those wounds within, or do you hate yourself, daily drinking your own poison and killing yourself slowly. The victim need not forgive you, for you must forgive yourself. All that you do to others, you do to yourself. The hate you have for others becomes inwardly directed at yourself. Can you forgive yourself and be the change? Literally be birthed anew?

Do you follow along? Or do you stand up for what you know is right? Do you stand against what you know is wrong? Do you turn a blind eye to injustice in the world, thinking ‘but who am I and what can I do?’

You are the divine being who makes the grass greener. What does this mean? Your body will go back to the great mother, Goddess Gaia. You will become the Earth that will nourish the trees and bring life to the plants.

You are the air we breathe and the food we eat. We feel disconnected but we are always connected, we are all one.

May you awaken to this truth, before you get to the end of this soul contract.

Light the way.

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


February 13, 2018

We get to choose who we want to be in the world.

We think who we are is fixed (or that is what is portrayed in the media anyway) characters who stay the same.

But the reality is, we are growing and changing beings. We grow through stages (with different needs and lessons) and we grow through life’s challenges and difficulties.

We grow up seeing characters on tv, like Alf on home and away, stay the same for years and believe therefore that our own character is fixed. We believe that we ‘are who we are’, is not therefore an excuse for us not to step up and be who we want to be.

But a character is exactly that. A persona. You could put on another costume, speak in a slightly different way, hang around a new bunch of people and become a new version of you. Shapeshift. We can all do it.

Beware, you will take on the new tribes values too. So always ask – what do they seem to be holding of high importance and do I think this is important too? Will it make me a better person if I take on those values?

If you are so steeped in a character or a mask, that has begun wearing you, how can you begin to see what is really underneath?

This is the meaning of the word transpersonal – trans = beyond, persona = the mask. What lies beyond the social mask you wear? Who are we really as human beings?  (It is not what we have been told). Why are we here and what did we come here to do? (Also not the dominant story taught). The answers to these questions, if you explore them, will change your life.

Taking off the mask requires inner work, soul work and shadow work. The higher hero’s journey is a journey of going within and learning to get to know yourself, intimately, and it is the only way forwards (as opposed to fighting growth). It is not easy looking into the shadows and owning and forgiving ourselves for the shit things we have done. But it is more than worth the effort. To release yourself from the shackles and forgive yourself, knowing that you did whatever you did, and that was the best you could do at the time, is freedom. Today is a new day. Today you can make better, more informed choices. Today you get to choose a new and improved version of you.

What are your traumas? Resentments? Beliefs about the world? Limiting beliefs? Stories and personal myths? And, how do these beliefs serve you? Most importantly, do they stop you from believing you can learn and grow and get better today?

We love to believe we have no power, choice or ability to change ourselves. We like to believe we are fixed. But like a tree, we will grow until the day we die.

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


February 16, 2018

“The only response to the chaos of these times is to show up with more LIGHT.”

How not to care what others think about you, or perceive you to be.

We all do it. We all post things and hope to get likes. We declare things and hope people feel the same. It is human and it is normal, but it doesn’t have to be.

Imagine if you posted because that was what you intuitively felt guided to post. When following and trusting your internal guidance you care less about what people think, and more about what you are being called to do/say.

When you follow internal guidance, which we all have, then you are less likely to need people to align with what you are saying, because you Trust that those who do, will, and those who won’t are on another journey. Not different or better, just another path and you may not be meant to meet at this point in time, or ever.

What about what other’s perceived. We all get an instinctive hit when we meet another based on what they are showing themselves to be. But we all have multiple selves and though we may live predominantly in one archetype or persona, it doesn’t mean we cannot inhibit many or all others at any time we choose.

People may perceive me as serious about my work and yes I certainly am. When you feel called to do something you don’t want to ignore those callings, definitely not. However that doesn’t mean I can’t be fun, or silly, or playful, and that I don’t need my laughs and my playtime.

In fact the more serious my life gets, the more I need to balance it out with play, and fun, and friends. You can care deeply about issues and see the funny side of life. Comedians do this best. You can be in flow and in fun mode too!

What other people perceive you to be is just one persona that they want to see or are choosing to see at this time, for whatever reasons. We all present masks to the world and putting on a new mask is as easy as an arm movement.

At our core, we are all one. We all have a heart and a soul and an energy that is deeply connected to all other beings. This is the transpersonal – what is beyond what is means to be human.

So next time you begin to worry what others will think. Ask yourself, does this feel aligned to do this? If yes, it will not matter. If someone perceives you in a way you do not desire, can you choose to see it as a reflection of the mask they need you to wear at this time, for purposes known only for them? Of course you can.

Live in alignment to your calling, your values, your Truth and your beliefs and I promise you will cease to care what other’s think, do, say and believe.

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx


February 18, 2018

“A lightworker brings the light to the shadows.”

I believe the essence of energies hang around.

When we go into a place and someone has a negative vibe or mood going on, it can bring down the vibe of the whole room.

Similarly, when we go into a room and someone is vibrant and on fire with positivity, hope for the future and passion, it can bring everyone into that state of being.

The one thing we can control is the energy we bring to a room. Mostly. Unless something full-on is going on and we need to process those emotions. I’m not saying mask grief or trauma at all – allow yourself to feel the full extent of those emotions.

Also the energies of what has passed in an area or a land can stay in essence and give people a ‘bad feeling’ when they tap into this. This is why we sage and reset a space when we do work within it. Especially a public space that may have had arguments within it.

I remember when I was a teen my friends moving into this house and I just had the worst vibes about it. We found out there had been a murder there and the blood stain showed more and more through the carpet as the dry cleaning dried. I didn’t stay there long. I didn’t feel welcomed in that place.

Sacred indigenous places hold powerful energies too and I can see why they don’t want us to interrupt the energies of those powerful portals. Like the energies in churches – a different vibe. Go in to a wellness room and feel the vibe as opposed to outside on the street.

What does this mean for you?

We are energetic beings. We communicate mostly through vibrations and the intentions behind encounters. Be aware of the vibe you bring to a space. Or at least let the people know if you are feeling blue, that you don’t want your vibe to affect them, let them put their energetic shields up (unless they want to hold your energy and send you love of course).

If you feel into the energy of a space and it needs a reset, get some sage and sage that space. If it is really uncomfortable, call in the help of a medium who can really shift the energies in those spaces.

If you want to uplift a space, raise the vibration, then sage, play some high vibrational mantra music and burn some uplifting essential oils. You can always shift your own energy and the vibe of a place.

The last thing is – be aware of your energetic boundaries and protect yourself daily, by putting on an imaginary cloak that allows the good vibes in but shifts the bad vibes out. Don’t open yourself up to the energies of everyone. Be discerning about who you let in to your energetic field. Know you can always ask for an energy to ‘be gone’ from your space. When your energy cup is full of loving energy then don’t forget to expand your energy out to those you are in conversation with, who need an energetic love-hug. That is what I believe is the true nature of encounters, to share energies with other beings (just not the down in the dumps fearful vibes we get infected with by the news and much television).

I hope this helps you understand energy and vibes and how they can affect you daily. You can control your energy, protect your energy and choose who you share your loving energy with, as well as shifting the vibrational energetics of a space/place.

At the very least, the call to be a lightworker is a call to raise your own vibe consciously so that we can tip and raise the vibe of humanity as a whole.

And don’t forget – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx

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