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Make way for something new

I Trust in the signs that I receive from the Universe, always.

Today during my daily Light Manifesting Ritual (website freebie), I had a vision of the forest burning down, a clear sign of releasing (with love and gratitude) and letting go of all that is out of alignment with my soul’s mission.

When the forest burns, it is nature renewing itself, and gifts aplenty are to be found.

Dear Universe, why have you given me this vision today? As always, my intuition answers – ‘to shift you into greater alignment on your soul’s path you must clear out the old’. Then, a Xavier Rudd song came into my thoughts, never randomly. A message from my soul – ‘there are better people with more good to do’, and that is the direction I am to go.

I walked into the lounge and my nephew was holding my Isis oracle cards booklet. Another sign. I had wondered where that booklet was, waiting to be found when I needed it most! I opened the tiny book and there was a card stuck in a page: Orisis – a reminder that I must have a proper releasing ritual and burial for the old, before I could bring in the new.

I know what this is about. I am ready to be grateful for the air that those trees have given me, but I am also ready to burn those trees down, to bring in the new growth forest.

I make way for the trees that see my soul. And so, the story begins…

Once upon a time there was a fairy in a city, who kept forgetting that she was a fairy. She had been wearing the mask of a princess for so long, that she kept forgetting she was born with wings.

One day she left the village and went into the forbidden forest. Hungry, she ate a mushroom, and drank from a lake. In the lake, she caught her reflection and for the first time ever, saw that she had wings.

The magic mushroom was showing her, that she was not the princess she thought she was, she was a fairy and she was born to fly.

When she got back to the village she saw wings on all the people, but they could not see them themselves, because they had not eaten the mushrooms.

She knew she must go back to the forest and find more mushrooms, to feed to all the princesses, who didn’t know they were fairies.

On the road she was lured down a path by a queen who was dressed in disguise, as a fairy. She started flashing jewels and pretty dresses and handed her some as a distraction.

She heard the fairies of the forest, calling her through the leaves of the trees, but the jewels put her under a spell and she fell into a deep daydream, watching princesses dancing, and wishing she was dancing with them.

When she awoke from the spell and the dream that had been implanted by the queen, she heard the fairies singing, and for a short moment, she remembered why she was there, and what she had come to do.

The sound of the trees got louder… “You are not a princess or a queen. You are a high priestess and a forest dwelling fairy.”

She looked at the queen dressed as a fairy and she saw into her soul. Her mask dissolved with her wings. “I will not be swayed from my path”, the high priestess thundered, throwing the jewels onto the ground as if they were meaningless dirt. Much less meaningless than the task she had come here to do.

In that moment she set her past alight. The dresses, the fond memories of princess school, all of it. That was the past. As it burned to the ground, a big and enormous mushroom grew from the Earth. This mushroom would feed all the villagers. She thanked the Earth and she thanked the forest fairies and she even thanked the queen.

She would brew a cocktail and share it at the dance tonight. And all the villagers would come to see themselves as she saw them, as fairies.

And remember – you are the divine being who makes the grass greener xx

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