Levelling up

//Levelling up

Levelling up

“Happiness is moving towards our potential”


What do my weight loss clients need? They need to stick to their nutrition plan and work with me, daily, to achieve their healthy active lifestyle (not diet) goals. What do my soulprenuer life and business coaching clients need? They need to make everyday a day where passion comes FIRST, and to learn how to create a livelihood from their passion-based business. What do my coach clients need? They need to learn how to get their clients from A to B. They need to have the courage to say the things that no-one else is brave enough to say. They need to call their clients out on their BS, while at the same time lovingly guiding them back to their vision (not weekly or monthly, daily)!


I’m not afraid to say to my clients, ‘do you really want to lose this weight/create success, or not? If so, tell me what you did today to bring you closer to your goals?’


But I also understand that when change is occuring, your brain neuron’s fire up, and that the inner critic (who bless him/her is just trying to keep you safe) gets obnoxious when you are about to move beyond your comfort zone. It yells, ‘last time you failed, why try again!’ Or, ‘you’re not worthy enough to be that fit/hot/successful’!


I KNOW you don’t want to start again, with one more failed attempt! I get it. I’ve been there. My purpose is to help you shift from the mindset of who you are now, to already being the next level version of you. When you act from THAT place, magic happens. It’s not a desperate place, it’s a place of knowing… you get to have it all!


When you know that success is daily mindset, daily nutrition and exercise, daily action-taking towards your goals, and most importantly putting YOUR needs first: AND you work with someone who believes in you (more than you believe in yourself sometimes), magic happens!


What I loved about helping my former herbie clients lose weight (check out my early instagram for pics) was the frequent interaction between us & watching the transformation they were getting (BECAUSE I was there for them). I didn’t push them overboard or expect them to swim when they had sunk many times before. I swam with them. I helped them believe they COULD swim. And I held their hand until they really and truly believed and achieved it!


Then, because I loved them so much, I gave up nutrition coaching for a while, because I wanted to learn how to help them be happy from the inside-out (something I feel I can now do thanks to my further training in coaching and counselling). I got suckered into the online hype that I could take myself out of the relationship with my clients (and still get them the same results)… but in doing so, I was taking what I found enjoyable about coaching away…. which was working with my clients intimately!


I love mentoring my clients, about healthy active lifestyle, about wellbeing, and about the mindset of happiness, abundance and success! I love helping them learn to discover the parts of themselves they have disowned (demonised), and help them integrate these parts back into their persona.


One of the biggest things I value is providing super and extreme value to my clients. I am not here to send you broke (nor am I here to undervalue my time and expertise). I want to help people who are stuck, who WANT to make changes, but don’t know how. I don’t care if you are rich or poor. I don’t want to charge you thousands of dollars to work with me. I KNOW I can get you the transformation that you are after. I am always going to be the coach and the mentor who goes above and beyond what is expected in the coaching relationship. Yes there may be a time when my time becomes more valuable and I need to charge more. But I’m not going to charge more now, or attach my pricetag to my worth as a coach! I KNOW I can get you the results that you desire, in any area of your life. But are you ready to make a change?


Side note to coaches – providing value to your clients is a must do. It’s not about asking them to pay top dollar so they are “investing in themselves and will therefore do the work”. Even with investing, it doesn’t mean they will do the work unless they are: ready to change; confident in their ability to make changes (or at least confident in your ability to help them make changes); convinced of the importance of making these changes (and the change must align with their values); and they believe in you, that you can get them from A) where they currently are, to B) where they want to go.

So are you looking to make some permanent changes in nutrition and lifestyle? I’m starting a new, new you challenge group for my old and new herbie clients on a program in July, ongoing in 2018. There will be a monthly competition and cash prize, not for weight loss, but for showing up DAILY to mindset, exercise and eating right. There will be daily accountability and a weekly mindset mastermind. Using shakes and supps and a balanced nutrition approach is going to be the way you receive coaching because this is the way I like to coach nutrition. I love the shakes and if you like chocolate, you will love them too! P.M. me to organise a chat about how it will all work. I’d love to help you smash the goals you made in 2018, to finally be the kind of person who feels amazing, inside and out.



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