Guidance from within

//Guidance from within

Guidance from within

“Aim for the moon. And don’t settle on the stars.”


Do you believe you are #guided from within?

Do you believe you can do no wrong? That everything that happens, serves your evolution and your highest good?

I do. I’ve been noticing me stopping myself from getting the results I really want in certain areas. I’m letting fear of what has happened in the past, allow me to #believe that it will always be this way for me.

So I run. So I hide. So I sabotage. So I tell myself I’m better off without #love because love only hurts me anyway.

I try to make myself so unattractive on the outside so that no one, shallow or not, will be interested in who I am.

For fear. I’ll be hurt again.

For fear. What I really want doesn’t exist. It’s just a fantasy in my mind.

And my #soul knows this is not true. My lower self, is running the show. But my soul knows and believes in all the possibilities. My soul knows I’ve been settling because I haven’t been looking beyond the horizon, or set my destination to the moon. I haven’t been looking further than I’ve ever looked before. I haven’t been seeking higher ground than I’ve ever sought before.

I know I need to look further, jump higher and travel to the uncomfortable places in me, to get to the destination I have set my radar to go.

I have to say no to all that is normal and yes to all that I know already exists inside of me.

I have to keep focused on the goal. But #surrender into the process of #the journey . I know I need to stay focused on exactly what I want and make no compromises: A little bit off, is 100 percent off.

#Obstacles keep coming and my soul knows. I’m not desperate. I’m far from it. I’m happy inside. I don’t need you or anything, to validate me. I need to remember my path. I need to aim for the moon.

What about you? Where are you going? Are you aiming for the stars or the moon? If you hit a star will you give up on the moon?

I won’t. I hope you won’t either.



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