Channeling into the moment..

//Channeling into the moment..

Channeling into the moment..

Would you do it all, if there was no guarantee of #success ?

Would you move forwards anyway?

I believe you would. I believe you’d do it for the feeling of connection to something greater when your pen hits the page, or when your voice takes centre stage. I believe you do it for the feeling of holding space for a client, facilitating healing or inspiring them to dream bigger, impact larger. I believe you’d do it because you cannot.

Would you give yourself permission to stop focusing on the end? Would you allow yourself to channel what wants to come through? Would you allow yourself to access your #highestself , your wise mentor, who knows ALL the things, moment to moment?

You are a vessel of the #keepersofthelight . You are a player in the #GreatWork . These are the #esoteric teachings and whether you understand them or not, I believe we are all somewhere on the path of the #initiate .

The higher realms are using you to do their work. You access the inner senses. You know that everybody can access these senses too. You do as you are called to do. You opened the channels of communication you can’t shut them off now! Or go back to your comfortable/dispassionate life, sleepwalking.

When I started on this path I was chasing happiness and success but on the #herosjourney I found something bigger. I found this path IS the path or happiness and sucess – working #inservice of something greater than you.

My hope is that you walk far enough on the path, to have these same realisations too.



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