How to clear up your busy schedule?

“The magic will happen when you stop listening to the negative voices in your head and start believing in yourself” – Amazing Me Movement. How to be a super mum/achiever when you don't like structure. P.S. This advice is for everyone but especially for entrepreneurs and for people who do not allocate time for their [...]

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What is the secret to happiness and success?

What is the secret to happiness and success? The secret to happiness and success (living a life you love) is gratitude. Do you notice and give thanks daily for a least ten things that are going well for you? Do you feel the internal shift when you shift into gratitude? Do you feel grateful for [...]

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Moving forward for a better future

Moving forward for a better future  “Things I’ve learnt in 2017: - the best version of you is who you are. - always be honest and true to your values and morals. - family ALWAYS comes first – no matter what. - people – not money are the best commodity and financial investment you will [...]

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Everything works out perfectly, always, just Trust!

Everything works out perfectly. I truly believe that when you step into your calling, onto your dharmic path, the Universe fully supports you.   When we are brave enough to go on the higher hero’s journey, become aligned with our higher self and live our Truth, not shrink to what Freud calls the superego, when [...]

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