Unleash Your Power!

//Unleash Your Power!

Unleash Your Power!

Unleash Your Power!

I felt myself unleash my power last night dancing under the full moon with Kali Ma at the Goddess Workshop and Dance Party in Melbourne! At one point I screamed and released all my anger about the way of the world. Then, I stood and let myself burn. I let myself burn like a witch for all the women and all the people who have been hurt, traumatised, objectified and stolen from their childhood. I took one for the team and I felt no fear. I invoked this goddess and I will continue to feel her fire as I do the work my soul came here to do, as I teach the teachings my soul came here to teach. I will not shrink to make you feel better. I will not play small or dim my light. I will not undervalue myself or my skills and the knowledge I must share with the world.

In 2018 I am coming out of the spiritual closet and I am speaking my Truth. I have faced my darkness and my fears and looked them square on. In 2018 I will fight for a world where we can coexist. Where we value many Teachings of the Light. We must shift from this win/lose mentality ‘it is my way or the highway’, that we are in. We must move towards a win/win paradigm where all persons, different from ourselves, are sought to be understood, not feared. As I connected with a Nigerian father in Pakenham the other day at the park and my little girl took his little girls hand I wondered how many people would have connected with this man for the fear of the apex gangs that is being spread in the media here. When we are disconnected and ‘othered’ we live in fear. When we connect and hold each other’s hand and say, ‘tell me your story’, we unite. We become one and the same. We build bridges instead of burning them. A win/win world is the world I want to live in. I want to learn about indigenous plant medicine from first nations people. I want to learn about the community model of families in Nigeria. I want to taste all the cuisines and teachings and feel what I like from the vibe I get.

We as lightworkers stand in our power not for ourselves but for all the people who don’t have the freedoms that we do. We don’t help them, to mold them into us, we don’t say I’ll help you out of the illegal sex trade so long as you take on my belief that strawberries are the only food that should be eaten… No! We help people and we allow them to have their own customs and their own beliefs. We want to make sure humanities basic needs are met… because we know that without people’s basic needs being met- food, finances, safety, shelter… they cannot self-actualise, become the best person they can be and do the work THEIR soul came here to do. So, if we want the world to change, we need to help the people who need it most.

Stand strong in your power and your Truth like Kali Ma. Playing the nice guy, the good guy or the shy guy serves only the people who want to throw rocks at you. My vision last night, was that I am going to continue to rise and to help others rise too. When people throw rocks to bring me down, I will freeze those rocks with my breath and transmute them to butterflies and watch those butterflies fly off into the distance.

Remember YOU are the divine being that makes the grass greener. No one is better than. We are equals. Our souls are one and the same.

Who am I? I am an inner-divinity coach. I help you get in touch with your power and potential. I help you tune in to your higher path and purpose and do the work your soul came here to do. I help you awaken to your full potential and release fears and limiting stories/beliefs that you tell yourself, that hold you back from the work you are here to do. I help you take off the masks, the personas and shed the identities you wear, which serve only The Matrix. I help you connect with your highest-self and spirit guides and live a life connected to them, so that you always know what to say, write and do, because you are in alignment with who you really are – that divine-being who makes the grass greener!

Namaste (I see the light in you and I honor it)

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