What is life coaching? What is business coaching?

Most people are familiar with counselling, but lifestyle and business coaches are a relatively new phenomenon that has grown out of a need–because many people are waking up unhappy and dissatisfied in their life and job/career.

We were born to have a LIVELIHOOD (do what we love/serve others everyday) not to make a meager living to buy useless things to fill an illusionary hole in our heart.

Your heart is perfect as it is, happiness is closer than you think, and change, a new you, is easier than you’ve been led to imagine.

The role of a lifestyle and business coach is to help you create the mindset and take the actions needed to live the amazing life you were born to live.

What is the difference between counselling and coaching?

The mission of a coach/counsellor is to help clients change their lives, through a change in mindset.

Both counsellors and coaches work with the client’s mindset, because all (perceived) problems begin in the mind. Clients come to coaches and counsellors because they have a problem and they want to change something in their life – emotional state, behavior or take action.

The value of coaching and counselling is enormous.  Both counselling and coaching have been beneficial for me. Every time I have connected with a coach or counsellor in my own life, the results have been transformative.

Counselling has been beneficial for me in terms of helping me understand myself, and it has greatly benefitted my relationships. Coaching has been beneficial in terms of me having someone who is where I want to be, guiding me how to get there, especially because my main circle of influence is people who do not have the abundance or entrepreneurial mindset.

Coaching is essentially buying your way into the lives of teachers you want to surround yourself with, knowing that you learn from and take on the attributes of the mentors and Tribe you surround yourself with.

Coaching is also great for keeping you accountable, helping you release fear-based thinking and just taking action to do the work that you are here to do.

Counselling focuses on transformation through understanding one-self and the past, whereas coaching focuses on transformation through transmuting our limiting beliefs and facing our fears.

What is transpersonal counselling? What is transpersonal coaching?

Transpersonal counselling/coaching blends traditional coaching/counselling with a spiritual approach.

Trans means ‘beyond’ so transpersonal means beyond the person or ego.

What is beyond the person or ego?

The Soul.

The ego is about ‘I’ as a separate or distinguished from others. To have ego is to think of oneself as better than others.

For transpersonal practitioners and clients transcendence of the ego is the ultimate spiritual goal – to be and act in the world is inspired by our highest self through a daily practice of mindfulness.

It is about a deep knowing we are all one: interconnected in this Universe.

A transpersonal approach to helping people find solutions to their problems unconditionally accepts the whole person, takes all their beliefs and experiences as Truth for that person without judgement, knowing that some things (like shamanism, manifesting, channeling, or energy healing for example) are unexplainable phenomena, or more aptly have to be understood through the individuals experience.

Transpersonal psychology grew as a way of understanding and using intuitive, spiritual and transcendent states of consciousness when serving clients – as a way to bridge social and cultural disconnection, and a way to create greater meaning, connection and happiness between all beings.

In this society there are dominant cultures, beliefs and ways of being.

We have unconsciously learned that just like in the cinema there are acceptable ways to behave (quiet) and there are socially acceptable beliefs and ways to behave in all social situations (at the bank, at a party).

As a result there are a lot of people in our society who have knowledge, gifts or beliefs, who hide these for fear of judgement or persecution.

There are a lot of people who have grown up feeling like they are not good enough because they are not of the dominant sexuality, culture, race, religion, haven’t gone to the best schools or come from the most ‘normal’ family.

Well I am here to tell you no matter what family you have, no matter what education you received, no matter what culture, race, sexuality and beliefs – you are good enough!

You are unique and you were born as YOU for a reason. You are a teacher and you have lessons and insight to give the world that only you can give.

If you don’t believe this then you have been brainwashed to believe you are not good enough. I have news for you… We are all the same – no one is better or luckier than you – hierarchy is an illusion.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience and my wish for you is for you to find the light inside of you and share it with the world.

If you are interested in creating change in your life and are spiritual at heart, then I would encourage you to seek out a transpersonal coach or counsellor, because nothing you believe will be discounted. You will be encouraged to step into your true essence however ‘backward’, odd or woo woo that might be, and shine bright.

I would love for you to send me an email and tell me what parts of you are you hiding from the world? How are you hiding your true and authentic self from others? How do you live your life authentically – who can you be your whole and true self with? Have you found your Tribe, the people who you can be your True Self with?