Thinking about Thinking: Reach Your Goals Through Personal Development

I believe we are walking around with our eyes closed until we start thinking about thinking. This is not something we learn in school. I even studied psychology and never learnt some of the things I learned once I started on my personal development journey.

Here I was thinking I was living a good life until I started listening to my thoughts.

Once I learnt that my thoughts could create my reality, I started listening to what I was thinking carefully.

I realised I had some pretty backward thoughts that were definitely not creating the life of abundance I had started to dream of.

I was always focused on ‘not having money.’ When I realised this was creating my reality, I switched to being grateful for all the money I had and more and more money seemed to come. Things magically seemed to work out financially – if I Trusted in the Universe and my newly planted belief that everything would always work out.

The first step for me was when I asked myself the question ‘why not me?’

Why couldn’t I be successful in this life?

I had placed disempowering beliefs (abundance blocks) into my thinking that because I had a public school education and because one parent was merely a teacher, that that was the limit of what I could become.

Network marketing opened up my entrepreneur mindset. I saw people from all walks of life, from homeless to housewife, achieving great success, and the key was – personal development.

Finding The Secret to Being Successful

I threw myself into personal development. Something my mum had done and subliminally taught me my whole life.

When I was ready, all the books I needed were there for me, ‘Think and Grow Rich’, ‘Ask and It’s Given’, ‘The Power of Now’. My journey to be the best possible me and the best possible person began.

I became obsessed with finding the secret to being successful and tried every technique under the sun.

At first success was just a means to enjoy the life I wanted for my family, a life where they could experience travel and abundance, a life that I had never had.

Then I realised I wanted to be successful to have an impact in the world and help people in countries who are less fortunate than we are in Australia.

The Greatest And Most Powerful Change

But the most powerful thing for me that changed was… at first I was setting goals from my head, not knowing what I really wanted when I achieved success.

I was borrowing other people’s goals.

Then as I became more aligned with who I really am, I started to receive guidance from above, on who I was, and what I was here to do, my mission & purpose in this life.

So I had started out on this journey to success with these goals on my vision board that were someone else’s goals, because I hadn’t found out who I was. On the road to freedom, I found out who I really was and started listening to my soul’s purpose and my goals changed accordingly.

Where are you on this journey? Do you think about your thoughts? Are they helping you to live a life of greatness?

Once you really realise and accept that you shape your reality, then have you started setting goals and thinking about the reality you would like to create?

Have you started hanging around powerful minds in person and in books, knowing that you become the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with?

And finally are you setting goals based on what you think you want or are your goals being set through you?

Are you being guided by something greater and following your soul purpose, trusting that true happiness lies in you doing what you were born to do?