Yesterday I had what I felt was my spiritual ‘coming out’ through creating and sharing my ‘go fund me’ campaign.

Manifesting the means (money/resources/help) was the goal – I knew I needed to get my documentary made, my website finished and my coaching/teaching certification to be a teacher in the community and tribe I wanted to be a part of – but my spiritual ‘coming out’ was my hidden agenda.

Coming out was strangely no big deal and a massive deal all at the same time.

Some people commented and I just let my passion and beliefs for my ideals and my projects shine through.  

See, I know I am living my life of purpose on purpose and I’ll never apologise or regret that – but I can’t hide who I am anymore.  

Why is it okay to be religious and believe in one set of spiritual teachings but not culturally accepted to be spiritual and believe in many teachings, gods, archetypes, shamanism, Universal Principals and all things woo woo? (Woo woo is a term created to soften the spiritual blow which I dislike because it connotes not serious or hobby).

It took a Sacred Circle Workshop for me to see there were other people like me who were not afraid of shining their light.  

We talked about my biggest fear in 2016 which was a fear of shining bright and we did healing  and a ritualistic journey to release that fear.

During that meditation journey I shapeshifted into one of my spirit animals, the whale. I knew immediately the meaning of that shape shifting was that it was time for me to stop gathering information and share my knowledge with the world – uncensored and without fear –  ‘to blow my blowhole’.

The next day my higher self felt inspired to let people know who I really am and what I’m here to do,  so I created the ‘go fund me’ campaign to help manifest the funds I needed to achieve part of my vision.  

The very next day I felt compelled to put on my own Sacred Circle workshops and help others learn to let go of what is not serving them, to set powerful intentions to manifest goals and work with archetypes and signs to connect with their higher selves.

All of a sudden, all the projects that had been stalling because I was afraid of judgement and persecution were all-systems-go. I would find the means to finish my website, teach ancient manifesting workshops, start my transpersonal counselling diploma, start my Youniversal coaching certification and start online teaching as soon as possible.  

The aim of my spiritual coming out was to find my tribe, but it is also to help others who are ashamed of their spiritual beliefs and justify them as silly or woo woo, and to own their Truth.

We live in a world where there are hierarchies of beliefs.

All beliefs and religions could be seen as fanciful. It depends upon the social acceptance of the culture you are in – and I dream of a multicultural, multireligious, spiritual community where there is no separation or hierarchy between beings and everyone lives in the highest frequencies and abundance (has their basic needs met).

Making the things I am doing/believe public is scary, but I really felt like I needed to make me and who I am official.

I want to find my tribe and I want to be authentic and work with other loving authentic lightworkers who are here to make a massive impact in the world – and that could be you!

Are you dimming your sparkle to fit in?

See, I believe we are all connected and we are all spiritual beings with access to our highest self. We are all archetypes (beings who have teachings, beliefs, principals) just like Jesus, Ghandi the Dalai Lama and Zeus.

What legacy will you leave?  

Don’t get me wrong I believe in Jesus, I just also believe in you, the Dalai Lama, in ancient gods, in angels and archetypes, animal guides and much much more. I won’t judge you for your beliefs so please don’t judge me for mine… for love is the opposite of judgement and hate.

Do you hide your beliefs or brush them off as ‘just for fun?’ Are your beliefs deemed odd or woo woo or worse – backward/primitive (like indigenous beliefs)? Who says your beliefs are less than their own? I would love to hear your stories, beliefs and experiences.