Yesterday I went into the shed and there was a big black mummy Red Back Spider on the back of the shed door with two beautiful round eggs full of baby Red Back Spiders.

It was deja vu.

About a year ago we had the same situation and a whole heap of insect spray solved it.

I admit I teach my son and my daughter to remove or leave insects alone rather than harm them, but spiders have always been my weakness.  I flat out have a fear of them.

In this instance, my instinct was to protect my children not just from this spider, but from the hundreds that were about to hatch!

My husband refused to ‘deal with it’ instead taunting me “do you want to teach our children to kill animals”, reasoning with my weak spot. So I shut the shed door and told him, “I’m never going in that shed again”.

How and why did she come back, the exact same spider with the exact same eggs?

This makes me think about my belief that denial is not the refusal of a soul, it is just the deferment of a soul.

In fact I was speaking to my friend who had a full term baby loss about this yesterday, encouraging her that her baby girl’s soul would come back to her in divine timing if it is meant to be.

This is true for us and for all the animal kingdom.

I wondered if Mummy Red Back knew this when she found her babies dead last year. That these souls would come back to her when the time was right?

Then I looked up Red Back Spider and the keyword was surrender.

I am getting a lot of signs about surrendering lately including the cockroach incident.

I thought that I got the lesson, yes I Trust in the Universe, yes I believe that everything happens for a reason!

But this lesson was loud and clear, it was about surrendering to my fears. Which I had not been doing lately in regards to my work.  

I had been letting fear of what others will think of me, hold me back.

I had been working on this website for a few months, creating and teaching the things I was put on this Earth to create and teach, and it was fast becoming launch time. It was very soon time to unleash my True Essence, my SoulPrint, no hiding, no censorship, just raw and naked me running wild in the world.

I was about to put myself out there in a big way and it scared the shit out of me.

I learnt that the red back spider has not killed a human in over half a century.

Just like the fears that were holding me back in my mission, I had this big grandiose fear of spiders and in reality there was not much to be afraid of.

In the unlikely event that I or anyone I love gets hurt, there is an antivenin for them too!  

So thank you Red Back Spider for coming into my life to remind me that I need to face and surrender to my fears. That my fears are greater than the reality and in surrendering to whatever happens, I will know in my experience and heart, that lesson too.

The Red Back Spider is about worshipping the divine feminine and the Goddess.

And I have the the Goddess Nike of Victory with me right now, thus have even less reason to fear, because I have been gifted Victory on my side.

The Red Back Spider is also about is about weaving a web of fate.

Apparently the Red Backs web is creative, but unorganised – which is very apt for me as I can be very unorganised. I think the lesson is to accept that being unorganised and following flow and inspiration is okay. Don’t stifle creativity.

Creativity and web making is about being creative and being You, uninhibited and inspired do what you are made to do to capture your audience. 

Thank you Red Back Spider for coming into my life to teach me these lessons. And just in case I didn’t get the Red Back Spider sign, I pulled a card from my deck and got ‘Surrender’. The Universe really does have your back.

When working with Signs from the Universe, remember this is not the only interpretation of this sign, listen closely to your own intuition and if you strongly intuite another meaning, then this meaning is for you.

I’d love to hear about your experience with Red Back Spider and the interpretation and meaning it had for you, please share with me in the comments