How to Optimize Every Day To Live Your Ideal Life Now

How you start your day is so important.

You can start your day by reacting to external circumstances, for example, checking social media or watching the news.

You can begin your day by watching the highlights/misfortunes of someone else’s life.

Or you can choose to set up your own day and mind for success.

Create highlights and fortune in your own life I say!

Set up the internal circumstances for success before you do anything else.

How To Set Yourself Up For Success

How do we do this?

We need to set up a daily practice that brings us in alignment with feelings of belief, hope, joy, love, gratefulness and abundance. All happy people have morning rituals that support their well being and their goals.

There are infinite things you can do to fuel your soul with good vibes for the day!

These are some of the things I do:

  • Meditate
  • Think/write about what I REALLY want
  • Visualise the future I imagine
  • Appreciate everything
  • Write what I am grateful for
  • Write daily intentions
  • Write affirmations, ‘I am’ statements
  • Listen to audio/video
  • Journal
  • Learn

The first few hours of the day is what they call the ‘golden hours’. We have (hopefully) had a good sleep and wake up with energy feeling refreshed. 

So start the day by nourishing your body, mind and soul. For me this is when I am feeling amazing and it is time to create!

What You Do Depends On YOUR Goals

Some people teach specifics to create success, but I believe you need to find what works for you. Tune in to your intuition and do what feels good. Follow your bliss!link bliss to blog with bliss in it

You can have a ‘golden day’ all day by ‘slowing down to speed up again’.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but you gain so much when you stop and do things that bring you joy, rather than pushing against down spiraling emotion and energy. Meditate, read or have some quiet time (even sleep) when feeling depleted of energy.

I call the little breaks in between working/creating ‘pit stops’!

The things I love to do are:

  • play and laugh with my kids
  • take a bath and relax
  • sit in nature and appreciate the world
  • sit in silence and meditate or think
  • or listen to a visualisation audio

I generally listen to Abraham Hicks or other inspirational people on YouTube when I’m doing the dishes, making ‘chores’, moments I look forward to.

Find the things that bring you back to feeling peaceful and inspired – it will reenergise you and give you a new day, a new page to write on fresh.

What are your goals? How would you like to start the day feeling? Notice what you do when you first wake up. How does it leave you feeling?

Try to do some things that will bring you closer to your goals instead and notice if you feel differently.

What are some things you can use as ‘pit stops’ during the day to reenergise you? I would love you to share your thoughts with me!