When I was younger I wanted to be a writer. Actually I wanted to be an inspired creator, but I didn’t know it at the time.

I didn’t want to be a writer and work for someone.

I didn’t want to write for magazines or television or in journalism and have to write stories that I wasn’t interested in, in a form that limited my creativity.

I was aware there were novelists out there writing books and making a living, but I couldn’t imagine how. So I gave up on that idea unable to see how I could have a career in writing without losing my integrity.

The school system drilled into me the career system: ‘go to University and get a good career’. I did go to University and did a broad media arts degree and I absolutely loved learning about a wide range of topics.

I wanted to be a learner – a lifelong learner but I didn’t know it at the time. Learning was something I thought of as ceasing after the schooling years.

When I was unable to get a career in learning and writing, I followed the path of some of my ‘respectable’ family members and added on a primary school teaching degree.

The problem was I didn’t want to be a primary school teacher – but I didn’t know it at the time. Once I started teaching I realised I didn’t want to teach topics that I wasn’t interested in, but that was my job!

I wanted to be an inspired teacher (teaching only when and what I was inspired to teach).

The biggest blessing I received from the Universe was not getting a contract teaching because I fear had I got a contract; I would have got comfortable in the teaching profession.

I was not aware that one could make a living teaching whatever they were inspired to teach and I couldn’t imagine how.

When the network marketing opportunity came along, it lifted my limited thinking.

It took the cap of what I thought was possible for me in this lifetime. It made me dream again and it made me dream big. All the personal development we were urged to do was the lifelong learning I ached for.

I was hanging around dreamers and doers taking action to achieve their goals and it had a huge effect on me – I started asking big questions instead of small questions and I was receiving big answers from the Universe.

  • Why not me, why not now?
  • What makes someone successful?
  • Why did I follow what someone else wanted for me?
  • Why are so many people unhappy in the life/career they ended up in?
  • What is on my bucket list?
  • What is my life purpose and what am I here to do?
  • What is the legacy I want to leave?

Something amazing happened – I started to live as if life was a precious gift. I started to really believe that we can do anything we want in this lifetime, the only limits are the limits we put on ourselves, our own limiting beliefs. purp

The working day doesn’t start when you clock on, then off, for someone else. There is 24 hours in a day, let’s say 16 if you don’t count the hours you need to sleep. If you work 8 hours for someone else that is another 8 hours you can work for yourself, learning about and working towards what you really want to do with your life!

People who say they don’t have time to live the life they dream, are letting limiting beliefs about time, limit their actions.

Beliefs about time such as ‘I never have enough time in the day’ will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

More than likely you are filling your day with time and brain draining activities, because you don’t realise you can choose otherwise.

So now I believe with all of my heart I can achieve anything I want. So what do I want to do?

I want to be an inspired learner, writer and teacher.

What do I want to learn?

Whatever and from whoever I come across who inspires me.

What do I want to write?

Whatever flows to me, whatever I am guided to write whenever I am inspired to write in whatever form that takes, a blog, a book, a film, an article, however it comes out!

What do I want to teach?

  • I want to teach the biggest life lessons I have learned.
  • How to be truly happy.
  • How to transcend the victim mindset and see all of life’s challenges as an unopened gift.
  • How to change your mindset and transform your life.
  • How to live as if you are going to die tomorrow with no regrets.
  • How to find your life passion and make a career out of it.
  • How to live the life you want and not the life someone else wants for you.
  • How to manifest and create any life you dream.
  • The spiritual laws of the Universe.
  • Why are we here in this body in this life and what is it all for?
  • How to be authentic.
  • How to stop hiding who you really are and what you really believe.
  • How to create a business and share your currency with the world and receive currency in return.
  • How to be successful.
  • How to be a leader.
  • How to have emotional intelligence.
  • How to have spiritual intelligence.
  • How has history and the powers that be and media and culture given us limiting beliefs and how can we transcend these?
  • How can we work smart not hard?
  • How to dream bigger than you ever thought possible.
  • Why pain is a gift.
  • Why we are are truly living in the best time in history.
  • Why most people live their life fueled by fear.
  • How to tune in to your intuition, your inner knowing and let it guide you.
  • How the world and everything in it is interconnected.
  • Why no person, animal, thing is superior or inferior to another.
  • How to tune in to the signs the Universe is sending you.
  • All this much much more.

Everyday I am inspired to teach new things through my writing, my learning and through living life by example.

My mission is to help others ‘achieve their soul’s goal’ in this lifetime.

See, I believe we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and we choose our body, our experiences for a reason.

You are unique in that you have experiences and gifts only you can give the world. My wish for you is that you stop living small and start living.

My wish for you is that you achieve your souls goal in this lifetime. My wish for you is that you find your SoulPrint, that thing you are here to do, and you make your mark on the world.

With love, Karen.