Do you believe in the law of scarcity, or the law of abundance?

Since birth we have been encouraged to believe that there is a ‘lack’, we are running out, there is not enough for everyone.

For some people to have more it means others need to have less.

We have come to unconsciously believe in the law of scarcity. We hold onto what we own as ‘mine’ and we don’t want to let things go in case they don’t come again, (hoarding, holding onto things we don’t need or use).

We are willing to fight others for what is ours, believing that there is not enough – even letting people starve and die in the process.

From birth, we watch advertisements telling us we need this or that to be happy. We look for happiness outside of ourselves through the purchase of goods to give us value, when true happiness and value lies within us.

To awaken, we need to question the Truth of the law of scarcity.

  • Doesn’t everything always work out exactly as it should anyway?
  • Don’t you always have everything you truly need at the end of the day?
  • Hasn’t it never got to the point you were on your death bed because you didn’t have enough food?

If you answered yes to all these questions then you are one of the lucky people on this planet living a life of abundance – NOT a life of lack.

See, we have lost touch with what people who live off the land understand deeply. With will to find food, food will always be found, eventually – just Trust!

An animal or hunter wouldn’t go around stressing about if and when their next meal will be. They would simply focus with laser-like focus on what they want and how they plan to get it.

So, in today’s society most of what we want (and need) is food, clean water and shelter.  

How we plan on getting water is using the created water system (or river). How we plan on getting food and shelter (warmth/cool/dry) is using the money system (with rules of conduct) to purchase what we need or by planting food, hunting or using nature’s resources.   

You can be on the poverty line or even be completely reliant on hand-outs (gifts) and still feel the abundance of the Universe – or you can choose to focus on the lack in between the time of wanting and having.

You can be on the poverty line or be completely reliant on hand-outs and still have worth.

See, the myth of society says those who ask for help or don’t have surplus are ‘needy’ or ‘stupid’ for being in that situation. When the Truth is that we live in a give and take Universe, a flow in and flow out Universe.

People who always take and people who have too much (when others don’t have enough) are the ones who have been duped into believing they are superior for having more.

So what is the law of abundance?

Abundance is simply having what you need when you need it.

  • You are abundant if you have food when you are hungry.
  • You are abundant if you have shelter and warmth and your basic survival needs are met.
  • You are abundant if you want to do a course/work with a coach and a financial means to do so presents itself to you.

So next time you are feeling like you ‘need’ something, ask yourself, do I really need it?

Next time you are wishing you had more, focus on that, and focus on going out and getting it. Live in a state of feeling how abundant you truly are because all you needs are always met.

Imagine, as a planet, if we all believed in the Law of Abundance – imagine if we stopped hoarding all the abundance of food we have and we made sure that everyone on the planet had their basic needs met – what a societal dream!

If we dream a better dream we will wake up to a better future.

I would love to hear from you in the comments. What stories of lack do you hear in the news and media and how could we transmute this story to a story of abundance?

Karen xx