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Knowing where you belong

The natural state of sisterhood is yarnin, not bitchin” – Karen Leverenz

Yesterday saw massive personal growth for me, divine insights and facing into the shadows of my soul – bringing light to my pain and sadness, so that I could heal. I faced some unconscious desires that were causing me to energetically act like a desperate schoolgirl trying to get the hot guy. Except it wasn’t the guy I was desperate for, it was sisterhood.

As a human it is natural to want to be a part of the tribe. In this online society we see groups of girls and we may feel so much like them, but be apart from them, looking from the outside in. If we like a group of girls and we want to be a part of that group, to be accepted/seen by that group, non-acceptance can lead to feelings of rejection and non-worthiness. When we don’t view ourselves as different from them, but we feel like we are not valued/seen by them, it doesn’t feel good. But worthiness doesn’t come from being accepted or noticed by a certain group or person! Worthiness is an internal state, that I believe comes from doing the inner and outer work that our soul came here to do.

I’ve been in the online entrepreneur space for a few years. I see people who are further along the path than me, who have their ‘sisters’, and I long for this. I don’t need it, but I do love a good bestie. I am not going to berate myself for desiring this, longing for deep connection is normal, we are not meant to be isolated individuals… I have an unapologetic indigenous worldview.

Perhaps, it comes down to my sadness about the current reality of the world, and my deep desire to transform it. No wonder some people believe that they, or we, are aliens! That is how they can justify what humans have done to the Earth, and to each other. But we must not blame it on aliens or on others, we must accept responsibility for our part in it, if we are to turn things around.

I want a sister tribe who mastermind and help each other rise, for the good of society. I want soul-driven ‘besties’ who are on the same soulprenuer journey that I am on, who want to change the world and the only thing that will stop them, is death (even death won’t stop them, they’ll just come back as spirit guides to the revolutionaries lol).

I dream of a world where sisters and brothers encourage each other to grow and become the earth guides they were born to be (our true role is elders, not pedos). I admire a model of community and cooperation, not competitive one-upping each other, and of scarcity thinking. There is plenty of love to go around for everyone!

When I find my sisters, other sisters will naturally want what I have. I will be stirring the same longing in others, who long for community and connection (we all do at our core). I know as a trailblazer I was born to facilitate gatherings, and to get to know many soul brothers and sisters intimately: but ultimately many will have to find their own soul groups and grow together.

That is why I am destined to facilitate sacred and healing circles. I long to bring disconnected people together. I long for the tribe who has been separated by the locked door and the screen, to come together and have the experience of tribe in a safe, loving, and accepting container. This is the best way to heal our wounds and build the bonds we long to have.

In these sacred spaces, we bond, we heal, and we meet sisters and brothers who we resonate with. I experienced this last year during our transpersonal counselling course, because we did so much therapy on each other, we got close. When I was down in the dumps, feeling sorry for myself because I was looking at some tightly formed sister tribes and wishing I was a part of them, two of my own sisters reached out. We sometimes don’t value what we have right in front of us!

However. I am unique in that I’ve got big goals and passion and drive, and I know I was born to do more and be more in this lifetime. This awakened soulpreneur feels she has no time to waste. She wants to surround herself with same breed of driven soul sisters, who can keep up with her pace, and inspire her to be even better (we rise to level of those we are surrounded with). And the reality is, the sort of people she wants in her tribe are the top spiritual revolutionaries in the world, who are having a massive impact in their fields.

Yesterday I realised I was getting down on myself because I saw tribes ‘out there’ but mine had not yet manifest into my reality. But I trust it will. And I know it will happen when the time is right. When I begin facilitating sacred circles, my tribe will gather, and we will guide and initiate the newcomers into the ways of tribe, collaboration, sharing, witnessing, transformation, inner alchemy and being the change.

I know I don’t need to be ‘chosen’ as a friend by the people who I admire, to be worthy. After all, they are just a reflection of the light that is inside of me. Old programming is being faded from my shadows. The mean girls paradigm is a social construction to keep sisters apart and in competition. And again, I am faced with the reality that maybe I was not born to join a group, perhaps I was born to start one! A worldwide inner circle of the dreamers, the doers and the spiritual revolutionaries.

The future of the world is the growth of retreats and workshops, where brothers and sisters will come together to connect and heal. We may be disconnected during the week, but we will plug into tribes on the weekend. Women will bring their children and the children will see a model of friendship that counters what they are taught in the media. Men will take their sons and teach them how to be a man of substance.

This is the vision that I have for the world. Join me or watch me. Either way, I will forge forward on my path and my destiny; do and say the things that I am being called (divinely inspired), to do and say.

With much love and respect.

And don’t forget. You are the divine being that makes the grass greener xx

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