I have had a couple of grasshopper signs from the Universe recently.

Enough for me to stop and take notice.

Firstly, grasshoppers are not something I remember seeing in a long time.

Often if a sign is rare or unusual you will be more likely to take notice of it indicating there is a meaning you need to investigate.

I remember the magnificence of the locust plagues (grasshopper swarms) at primary school and how they were “devastating the farmer’s crops”.

This makes me think of the great effect that sticking together with those who are similar, can have on the Earth – in good ways and in detrimental ways.

Grasshoppers teach us that if you stick with like-minded people you will have the greatest effect on the planet.

The first sighting was with my son, on my driveway. This little fellow was curious and would take great leaps as we followed him around. He stopped jumping for a while (must have decided we were not a threat) and let us examine him.

Grasshoppers are camouflaged and can take great leaps forward towards a destination or away from a threat.  

Thus grasshoppers teach us that we can fit into our environment, but when we are ready or when it is necessary, (we perceive threat), we can move forwards in great leaps quickly.

It can be faster than you imagine travelling a great distance!

I looked up the meaning of Mr Grasshopper and found he was encouraging me to take a leap of faith and do that thing I had been avoiding doing.

Usually he shows up to encourage us to take that huge leap of faith we know we need to take in a new direction. 

This was a very apt sign because I had been avoiding something necessary and when he showed up for a second time I thought I’d better listen this time.

It was time for me to choose to move forwards and show others who I am and what I am capable of; take that leap of faith, knowing I have all the resources I need to jump over my fears and any obstacles in my way.

When working with Signs from the Universe, remember this is not the only interpretation of this sign, listen closely to your own intuition and if you strongly intuite another meaning, then this meaning is for you.

I’d love to hear about your experience with Grasshoppers and the interpretation and meaning it had for you, please share with me in the comments