When I bought the crystal trees for my wedding centerpieces from a crystal wholesaler, I asked my mum if she wanted anything and she got a moonstone crystal angel for each of her grandkids.

A while back a piece broke off the bottom and it upset me, but I kept the angel anyway.

Then the other day I gave it to my little girl to play with and she just dropped it on the floor and the head broke clean off!

My instant thought was no… mum got this angel to protect her grandchildren and it is so broken I need to throw it the bin. The head is now gone, it is a headless angel!

But something made me want to keep the headless angel and I googled ‘angel with no head’.

The first thing that came up was the Goddess Nike, in the marble sculpture of the Winged Victory of Samothrace.

It was created to honor the goddess Nike and to celebrate a naval victory in 190 BC. I started researching the Goddess Nike and found she rules over victory and success.

This perceived tragedy was actually a gift from the Goddess Nike showing herself to us, that she was the angel watching over us, and she was the angel of victory and success!

I thanked the Universe for this sign and for this Goddess as a powerful symbol, just when I was unleashing my dharma on the world with my SoulPrints.

I keep her at the forefront of my computer screen to guide me and remind me I have victory on my side in the battle against my fears.

When working with Signs from the Universe, remember this is not the only interpretation of this sign, listen closely to your own intuition and if you strongly intuite another meaning, then this meaning is for you.

I’d love to hear about your experience with the Goddess Nike and the interpretation and meaning it had for you. Please share with me in the comments