Over the last few days I’ve seen numerous dandelion puffballs.

My immediate thoughts about dandelions were about wish making or intention setting.

You have to ask (with clarity and focus) for what you want for your wish to come true. You make a wish then blow the wishing ball and the seeds fly off into the Universe, setting in motion the circumstances that will make your dreams come true.

How do you feel when you see a dandelion puffball?

My son’s excitement says it all as he plucks it from the Earth and helps it reproduce; and it in turn brings him joy. This is the very same wonder and excitement you need to bring to your wish making process.

See, the dandelion teaches us to dream big, hold positive expectations and to believe in magic.

This powerful plant multiplies and spreads through the breeze and the air just like our dreams.

The dandelion is brilliantly intelligent at multiplying and surviving: they have conquered every continent spreading their joy, delight and brilliant yellow (the colour of joy) flowers everywhere through their airborne method of reproduction.

With a small wish and a blow (action) you too can share your currency with the entire planet!

The dandelion thrives in the most difficult conditions teaching us that desire, a will to succeed (determination) and spreading joy is far more powerful than any and all obstacles in the world that you will face.  

So, when dandelion energy presents itself to you, think about the thoughts and the wishes you are putting out into the Universe – are you spreading love, joy, hope and wonder with your breath and your words?

Are your intentions to create a better world for all or just for you?

Are you rising above the challenges in your life?

Are you travelling with the breeze knowing you will land exactly where you are supposed to land to plant the next seed in motion?

When working with Signs from the Universe, remember this is not the only interpretation of this sign, listen closely to your own intuition and if you strongly intuite another meaning, then this meaning is for you.

I’d love to hear about your experience with Dandelions and the interpretation and meaning it had for you, please share with me in the comments